Ah! Here you go!3,433
I need you to answer this for me.3,432
Brought any ingredients?3,429
Please give me your answer!3,424
Spot on!3,355
Name that person!3,142
That's correct3,065
For enchanting this item you will be shown a selection of items, when you stop viewing this selection you'll have to answer three questions correctly in a row and then the flour will be enchanted with guidance.1,707
Ello young thingummywut.1,453
That's correct - onto the second set!1,396
So you want to enchant it now? You'll have to take active part by completing a little quiz to imbue the flour with knowledge and enact the enchantment.1,265
Correct - and now the third and final set:1,246
OK. You must answer 3 general questions about our lands correctly without getting one wrong. You have as many chances as you need.1,194
How are you doing finding bones?1,193
Give 'em here then.1,165
OK. You will be presented with some people that you may have come across on your travels - it's up to you to recall their names. Guess three correctly without error and you will succeed in enchanting the egg.1,123
Indeed, best you go bake the cake! You can do it the same way as making an ordinary cake.1,119
We shall make a wizard of you yet. I will hold onto the enchanted flour for you until you need it.1,116
Splendidium romelno!1,115
You have to repeat the magic words of course!1,113
Mmmm milk. By all means, you're going to have to complete a quiz first to bring forth guidance and enact the enchantment.1,100
Correct! Good job! Two more to go.1,060
Boo. Hiss. You're no fun. I will need your help for the enchantment - you must imbue it with knowledge itself. You must complete a quiz to enact the enchantment.1,044
Correct! Well done. One more to go.1,036
....Close enough. The milk has now been enchanted!1,029
How dare you! Now get me the next ingredient! I will hold onto the Enchanted Milk for you until you need it.1,028
Correct! Well done. That's all three answered!1,026
Repeat after me... Skalindom Ralinaplo.1,026
Correct - and now the second character:1,017
You don't look like you have a problem.1,002
Mmmmm. Cake of Guidance. Yummy Yum! Did you know they're imbued with knowledge and information itself? When eaten it will give anyone the guidance they need to get back on track. So you say you're a chef?999
Oh dear, it's a strange day when the Lumbridge Guide needs guidance. Don't worry, I shall help you make your chocolate cake.997
Correct - and now the third and final character:997
Make up your mind!995
You don't know? Deary me. You'll need to enchant three ingredients with your own knowledge. Bring me the basic ingredients and I will help you with the enchantment.995
An eggy peggy, some floury woury and some milky wilky.994
Have a nice time!991
Well, there is the case of the magic words of enchantment - repeat after me:981
Not quite, but it'll do. I will hold onto the Enchanted Egg for you until you need it.981
Sir Prysin? Who's that? What would I want his key for?975
Now you come to mention it, yes I do have a key. It's in my special closet of valuable stuff. Now how do I get into that?949
Let me think a second.945
Hurrah! That's all 25 sets of bones.926
Ooh that would be very good of you.911
Dandolino Zadribrim!899
Not a problem for a friend of Sir What's-his-face.876
How many weapons were you shown?870
Which items were amongst those you were shown?867
How many types of rune were there?865
Which of the following items were NOT shown to you?860
Which item began with the letter 'm'?840
I sealed it using one of my magic rituals. So it would make sense that another ritual would open it again.711
Yes a simple drazier style ritual should suffice. Hmm, main problem with that is I'll need 25 sets of bones. Now where am I going to get hold of something like that?660
Wings of dark and colour too, Spreading in the morning dew; Locked away I have a key; Return it now, please, unto me.639
Sorry, that's not right. You'll have to start again.521
That wasn't very clever of him. I'd lose my head if it wasn't screwed on. Go and tell him to find someone else to look after his valuables in future.259
What ingredients are used in a cake?252
If I'm going to need glass, first I will need:248
The combat level of Goblins near Lumbridge is:246
How much gp does it take to bribe a guard at the toll gate to Al Kharid prior to earning their trust?244
What is the defence level requirement to wear a Mystic Hat?243
I'm in a bar west of Pollnivneach. Where am I?240
I can hear howling in one direction and buzzing in the other - where am I?234
The River Salve runs from...?233
A glass vial is to 33, as a glass orb is to...232
Which tower is closest to the Crafting Guild?230
What is the nearest guild to the Fishing Platform (as the seagull flies)?228
What doesn't lie between Morytania and Asgarnia?225
Take the number of Fire Runes required to cast Fire Strike, and multiply by the number of Air Runes used to cast Wind Strike before adding the number of Earth Runes used to cast Earth Wave. What do you get?219
A gold ring is to 5, as a holy symbol is to...218
A thingummywut? Where? Where?172
Those pesky thingummywuts. They get everywhere. They leave a terrible mess too.146
Wizard eh? You don't want any truck with that sort. They're not to be trusted. That's what I've heard anyways.132
That's not right. You'll have to start again.111
Nope, that's not right, you'll have to start again.102
You're a thingummywut? I've never seen one up close before. They said I was mad!94
How dare you? Of course I'm a wizard. Now don't be so cheeky or I'll turn you into a frog.92
Say, I remember one of the King's knights. He had nice shoes...89
Now you are my proof! There ARE thingummywuts in this tower. Now where can I find a cage big enough to keep you?77
...and didn't like my homemade spinach rolls. Would you like a spinach roll?70
How can that be? Go check again!66
Oh ok, have a good time, and watch out for sheep! They're more cunning than they look.52
Don't be ridiculous. No-one has ever seen one.49
They're invisible, or a myth, or a figment of my imagination. Can't remember which right now.43
I still need 5 more.42
That's a pity. I thought maybe they were winding me up.41
Oh that's great, if it wouldn't be too much trouble.41
The key? The key to what?38
Silverlight? Never heard of that. Sounds a good name for a ship. Are you sure it's not the name of a ship rather than a sword?37
There's more than one key in the world don't you know? Would be a bit odd if there was only the one.34
Ah well, sorry I couldn't be any more help.32
Ah, bake it!29
I still need 1 more.28
Nevermind, keep working on it.27
Cheerio then. It was nice chatting to you.25
I need you to bring me...24
That's a pity, waste of a name.21
I still need 4 more.20
That's what I said.20
I will then enchant them for you so you can make your Chocolate cake!18
Of course. Take care, and don't talk to strangers!18
I still need 2 more.17
I still need 8 more.17
I still need 15 more.15
I still need 10 more.15
A pot of flour.15
I still need 3 more.15
I still need 9 more.14
I still need 7 more.14
I still need 11 more.11
Okey dokey, watch out for evil cows.9
I still need 6 more.9
I still need 12 more.9
I still need 14 more.6
A bucket of milk.6
Well done.5
I still need 21 more.5
I still need 19 more.4
I still need 18 more.4
I still need 13 more.4
I still need 20 more.3
An egg.3
I still need 24 more.3
Yes I know, it was returned to me. If you want it back you're going to have to collect another 25 sets of bones.3
I still need 17 more.3
I still need 22 more.3
Wassat? No, I need actual bones, not a bank whatsit.2
I still need 16 more.2
I still need 23 more.1
Me? Lose things? That's a nasty accusation.1
For enchanting this item you will be shown a selection of itemitemhen you stop viewing this selection you'll have to answer three questions correctly in a row and then the flour will be enchanted with guidance.1
That's not the kind of bones I want.1