Hi. Welcome to our Brimhaven headquarters. I'm Trobert and I'm in charge here.588
Well, we have made some progress there. We know that one of the only keys to Pete's treasure room is carried by Grip, the head guard, so we thought it might be good to get close to him somehow.575
Good good. Well, Here's the I.D. papers, take them and introduce yourself to the guards at Scarface Pete's mansion, we'll have that treasure in no time.568
Grip was taking on a new deputy called Hartigen, an Asgarnian Black Knight who was deserting the Black Knight Fortress and seeking new employment here on Brimhaven.460
We managed to waylay him on the journey here, and steal his I.D. papers. Now all we need is to find somebody willing to impersonate him and take the deputy role to get that key for us.367
How's it going?9
Well that was careless of you wasn't it? Fortunately for you, he had a spare. Take this one, but please try to be more careful with this one.1
Someone will show up eventually.1