Phew! Am I glad to be out of that big ice cube! Are you okay too darling?1,211
You mean that diamond I found the other day belonged to him? But why didn't he just ask for it back? It's not like I really want it or anything!1,207
That's right son, and it's all thanks to this brave adventurer here. Now, make sure you hand over that diamond he was looking for.1,075
And how did you know we had that diamond anyway, fleshy?955
It has been nothing but trouble for us, let's just get back to our cave and have dinner.952
Yes, but he certainly inherited his Dad's smarts!934
Now, now dear, all's well that ends well. We've been freed and this fleshy has certainly earned himself that diamond.923
If he'd told this fleshy that he had the Diamond and not us, we might never have been rescued!888
Let's get out of this terrible place and see our son!871
Oh thank you! It was really cold in there! But please, you must free my wife as well! Our son is depending on us!495
Thanks again for freeing me from that ice block! I might be a troll, but it was real uncomfortable in there!65
I like the view!3