Can I help you, traveller?1,707
Yes, the circle is dead. Crops die quite often, according to the Hosidius peasants. Do you wish me to reanimate it? I can, for a mere 80,000 coins.1,240
There, the deed is done. Now, can I help you with anything else?1,011
This is the northernmost reach of Kourend. Beyond these cliffs you will find the Doors of Dinh and the prison of the Wintertodt.495
The Pyromancers do what they can to keep the Wintertodt contained but I fear it will not be enough.448
I come here to keep watch, whenever my time permits, so that the city may be warned if the Wintertodt escapes.404
In that case the circle will remain dead. Now, can I help you with anything else?178
You know very little of such circles, traveller. Perhaps one day we will have more to discuss. Now, can I help you with anything else?141