! GASP ! That's incredible, where did you find it?1,245
Hmmm, that sounds very strange. I sense a spirit in torment, you should try to bury the remains.1,244
Ah, yes, there is a legend, but it is lost in the midst of antiquity...1,237
I am speechless Bwana, this is truly ancient. Where did you find it?1,215
You must truly have found the temple of Ah Za Rhoon! The scroll gives some interesting details about Rashiliyia, some things I didn't know before.1,210
Greetings Bwana! I am Trufitus Shakaya of the Tai Bwo Wannai village.1,172
Hmmm, maybe it's a clue of some kind?1,169
Truly amazing Bwana, this scroll must be ancient. I'm not sure if I get more meaning from it than you though. Perhaps Bervirius' tomb is still accessible?1,164
Hello Bwana, this message from Mosol Rei bears bad news... Yes, things do look very bad indeed.1,136
What?! You must be crazy! That place has passed into myth and legend, it has been buried under rubble for years. It's most likely buried 20 men deep, and that's if you can actually find it.1,114
Ok then Bwana, good luck with your quest, and remember to stock up well with adventuring supplies before setting off. You never know how useful some fairly ordinary things might be when you're1,106
The ground in the centre of the village is very sacred to us. Maybe you could try there?1,101
It looks like a simple shard of bone. Why do you think it is significant?1,092
I need to make a special brew! A potion that helps me to commune with the gods. For this potion, I need very special herbs, that are only found in the deep jungle.1,091
Ah, interesting, so you think that Zadimus gave you the bone? What makes you say that?1,089
What did he say?1,082
Hello Bwana, do you have the Snake Weed?1,053
Not much... I would say that is about it...1,050
That is excellent Bwana! The first herb that you need to gather is called1,043
Great, you have the Snake Weed! Many thanks. Ok, the next herb is called Ardrigal. It is related to the palm and grows to the east in its brother's shady profusion.1,043
Welcome to our humble village.1,039
Hello Bwana, have you been able to get the Ardrigal?1,039
Well done Bwana, just two more herbs to collect.1,034
Greetings Bwana, have you been successful in getting the Rogue's Purse?1,033
Great, you have the Ardrigal! Many thanks.1,033
Ah Volencia Moss, beautiful. One final herb and the potion will be complete. This is the most difficult to find as it inhabits the darkness of the underground. It is called Rogue's Purse, and is only to be found in1,027
Most excellent Bwana! You have returned all the herbs to me and, I can finish the preparations for the potion, and at last divine with the gods.1,021
Greetings Bwana, have you been successful in getting the Sito Foil?1,016
My people are afraid to stay in the village. They have returned to the jungle. I need to commune with the gods to see what fate befalls us.992
I don't know anymore. You're very demanding aren't you!978
The last place to hold any details regarding this mystery was in the temple of Ah Za Rhoon....and that has long since vanished... it crumbled into dust...965
Greetings Bwana, have you been successful in getting the Volencia Moss?939
Rashiliyia's only kin was a son, 'Bervirius'. His remains were entombed on a small island which lies to the South West. I will do some research into this to see if I can find any other details.843
Are you sure you're going to go and look for it? I may be able to do some research into this if you agree. Only I don't want to waste my time if you're not serious about this!837
I can only guide you so far as the herbs are not easy to find. With some luck, you will find each herb in turn and bring it to me. I will then give you details of where to find the next herb.823
To the east you will find a small peninsula, it is just after the cliffs come down to meet the sands, here is where you should search for it.807
The next herb is called Volencia Moss. It clings to rocks for its existence. It is difficult to see, so you must search for it well.806
You are doing well Bwana. The next herb is called Sito Foil, and it grows best where the ground has been blackened by the living flame.804
caverns in the northern part of this island. A secret entrance to the caverns is set into the northern cliffs of this land. Take care Bwana as it may be dangerous.800
Snake Weed.799
Hmmm, well just that part about the wards...788
This is an ancient artefact!785
Many blessings on you! I must now prepare, please excuse me while I make the arrangements.784
It may be possible to make a ward like that... But what is the best thing to make it from? Perhaps something close to Bervirius, an item of some significance to him.784
I can certainly try! Hmm, incredible, it seems very ancient and mentions something about Zadimus and Ah Za Rhoon. It says, 'Here lies the traitor Zadimus, let his spirit be forever tormented'.783
If you have found anything else that you need help with, please just let me know.780
Even the great priest Zadimus who built the temple did not survive. Some say that Rashiliyia caused the temple to collapse.779
It prefers rocks of high metal content and a frequently disturbed environment. There is some, I believe to the south east of this village.770
My greatest respects Bwana, I have communed with my gods and the future760
But I think we must take Zadimus' clue literally and get some item that belonged to Bervirius as it may be the only way to approach Rashiliyia. Perhaps something like this exists in his tomb?756
You may be able to help with this.742
the ground turns soft and the water kisses your feet.726
I'll hold on to this Wampum belt for you for the time being. I'll give it back to you when we have completed this quest.719
Greetings Bwana, you have been away! The situation with Rashiliyia is worsening! I pray that you have some good news for me.702
In return for this great favour I will give you training in Herblore.691
She was angry at Zadimus for not returning her affections. She was a great sorceress even before they met.677
It grows near vines in an area to the south west where646
Well that sounds great Bwana. Tell me, what did you find?643
looks good for my people. We are happy now that the gods are not angry with us.606
With some blessings we will be safe here.531
You should deliver the good news to Bwana Timfraku, Chief of Tai Bwo Wannai. He lives in a raised hut not far from here.451
Hello Bwana. I conclude that you have been successful. Mosol sent word that the village is clearing of zombies. You have done us all a great deed!422
Why not go and visit him and have a look around Shilo village. You may find some interesting things there!370
Sorry, Bwana, that herb is so dirty that I can't even tell whether it is fresh. Please clean it first.327
It is from an ancient language. The direct translation is... 'Magnificence floating on water'. But my research makes me believe that the temple was built on land.284
Hmmm, it's been a long time since I heard that name. Rashiliyia is the Queen of the Undead. And a more fearsome enemy you will be unlikely to find.257
Hello again Bwana! Well Done again for helping to defeat Rashiliyia. Hopefully things will return to normal around here now.235
And most likely between large bodies of water, for example large lakes. However, many people have searched for the temple, and have failed. I would hate to see you waste your time on a pointless search like that.234
I fear that you bring me news that she has returned to plague us once again? Alas I know of no weakness that she has.226
I hope things are going well for you now. I have no new information since last we spoke. Needless to say, that if something does come up I will certainly get in touch directly.226
Greetings Bwana! You look like you have some serious news.222
Oh dear, it is more serious than I have imagined.212
We need to identify that the place you have found is indeed Ah Za Rhoon.194
You're quite welcome Bwana.181
Have you got any items concerning Rashiliyia? If so, please show me them.181
Any scrolls or information about Rashiliyia's kin would be helpful.180
And best of luck!180
Well, just let me see the item and I'll help as much as I can.169
There must be something relating to Zadimus at the temple. Did you find anything? If so, let me see it.153
Well, that is good news, as I may have a proposition for you.127
I hoped you would think so. My people are afraid to stay in the village.126
Bervirius is the son of Rashiliyia. His tomb may hold some clues as to how Rashiliyia may be defeated.115
They have returned to the jungle and I need to commune with the gods104
Well, Bwana, I would guess that you would need to get some bronze metal and work it into something that could be turned into a necklace?101
Something seems different about you. You look like you have seen a ghost?100
Oh! So you managed to bury Zadimus's corpse?100
to see what fate befalls us. You can help me by collecting some herbs that I need.98
Please don't try to deceive me.96
Hmm, these notes are quite extraordinary Bwana. They give location details of Rashiliyia's tomb, and some information on how to use the crystal.95
This is incredible Bwana.94
Absolutely! This will help you to locate the entrance to Rashiliyia's tomb. Simply activate it when you think you are near, and it should glow different colours to show how near you are.94
It is a very nice item Bwana. It may be just what you need to gain access to Rashiliyia's tomb. While you were away, I did some research.89
Perhaps Zadimus' clue has the answer? Now, what was it that he said again? Something about kin and keys? That sword pommel belonged to Bervirius didn't it?89
You're more than welcome Bwana! Good luck for the rest of your quest.87
Gracious sir, it means friend. And friends come in peace. I assume that you come in peace?82
Yes, that may be a good idea. Many people could die! If only there was a way to defeat her!80
It means 'small clearing in the jungle' but it is now the name of our village.76
Gracious lady, it means friend. And friends come in peace. I assume that you come in peace?68
I know he is a brave warrior, he lives in a village south of here. Your journeys have taken you far!68
Not that I can think of.66
Rashiliyia would spare the lives of those who wore bronze necklaces. This pommel may have some significance to Bervirius. Perhaps you can craft something from it that can help?65
The information is quite specific, North of Ah Za Rhoon! That's a great place to start looking!65
I dare not touch it. I am a spiritual man and the spirit of this being may possess me and turn me into a minion of Rashiliyia.60
If you have found the temple, you should search it thoroughly and see if there are any clues about Rashiliyia.60
What information?60
He is a little headstrong, but for the right reasons. I think he is generally to be trusted.59
Hmmm, well, you are welcome bwana.57
Hello Bwana, how goes your quest to find Ah Za Rhoon?55
How am I supposed to know? A lot of what I know is most probably wrong but some of it seems right to me. Excuse me but I must get back to my studies.52
Oh yes, let me see it then.52
Yes, things do look very bad indeed.52
I really need that Sito Foil if I am to make this potion.51
My guess is that you will need some protection from Rashiliyia if you intend to enter her tomb!50
Zadimus is a spirit yearning for freedom. Bury him in a sacred place to release his spirit.46
Greetings Bwana, did you find Bervirius' Tomb?40
I really need that Ardrigal if I am to make this potion.40
Greetings once again Bwana,39
I have no more news since we last spoke.37
Very well then Bwana, maybe you will return to me invigorated and ready to take up the challenge one day?36
We need to find Rashiliyia's resting place and learn how to put her spirit to rest. You may find some clues to her resting place in Ah Za Rhoon or Bervirius' Tomb.36
You should deliver the good news to Bwana Timfraku, Chief of Tai Bwo Wannai.35
Look for something relating to Zadimus at the temple. He was the Priest who built the temple.32
If you found anything at Ah Za Rhoon that you're not sure of, why not investigate it or show it to me and I'll see what I can make of it.31
Hmm, that doesn't surprise me. The only information I have refers to its name. Ah Za Rhoon, its name means 'Magnificence Floating on Water'.30
Well, I understand. Perhaps you can search for it another time? Come back when you think you're ready. Excuse me now won't you while I return to my studies.28
Please don't try to deceive me, I really need that Rogue's Purse if I am to make this potion.28
You are looking for Sito Foil, and it grows best where the ground has been blackened by the living flame.26
It's very doubtful. I suspect it was built to 'appear' as if it was floating on water. Perhaps on an island or between large bodies of water.25
If you search for somewhere like this, you may find something worth investigating.24
Very well then, may your journeys bring you much joy.19
You are looking for Ardrigal. It is related to the palm and grows in its brothers shady profusion.18
I really need that Snake Weed if I am to make this potion.17
Congratulations Bwana, show me any items you have found though. I may be able to help.16
You are looking for Rogues Purse.16
Well that's very good news. Let me know if you find anything useful, I may be able to help out.16
Look for something that can identify the place. Leave no stone unturned.16
Yes, it's a bit sad really, I liked that village.15
Well, I hope you will excuse me, but I need to get back to my studies.15
It grows near vines in an area to the south west where the ground turns soft and the water kisses your feet.14
But for now, fare thee well.13
It inhabits the darkness of the underground, and grows in caverns to the north. A secret entrance to the caverns is set into the northern cliffs, be careful Bwana.13
I'm sorry Bwana but I just don't have a use for that!13
When you grow weary of violence and seek a more enlightened path, please pay me a visit13
as I may have a proposition for you. Now I need to attend to the plight of my people. Please excuse me...13
Please don't try to deceive me! I really need that Volencia Moss if I am to make this potion.12
Oh, so it most likely was not very important then.12
I will wait and see what will happen. Maybe Rashiliyia does not have the power to strike too far from her resting place? But there are many things that I need to do now.12
I still think we need to take this clue quite literally. Perhaps you found something at Bervirius' Tomb that could help to protect you from Rashiliyia's attacks?11
You are looking for Volencia Moss. It clings to rocks for its existence. It is difficult to see, so you must search for it well.10
Greetings again Bwana. I hope that you have managed to locate Rashiliyia's Tomb. Again, if you found anything interesting, please show it to me.10
Perhaps there is something relating to Bervirius at the temple of Ah Za Rhoon. Check the Temple carefully if you haven't already to see if it exists.10
I believe it is! It might be that her physical remains are the focal point of her supernatural powers. It is said that many years ago, a group of adventurers once infiltrated her tomb to try to rid the world of Rashiliyia.10
Maybe you will pass this way again and you then take up my proposal?9
I really need that Rogues Purse if I am to make this potion.9
There is a legend about Rashiliyia, look for it in the temple.9
I am not sure, but the legend about her certainly is long. It's a pity that the temple of Ah Za Rhoon has crumbled as there may be some clues that could help us to defeat her.9
All I know is that Zadimus was a high priest of Zamorak. Rashiliyia loved him, but he did not return her affections.8
When she became a more powerful sorceress she attacked Ah Za Rhoon, reducing it to rubble. What Zadimus' fate was, I do not know.8
This is very impressive Bwana, I'm quite surprised at your ingenuity. This should be a good protection against Rashiliyia if you ever find her Tomb.8
Look for details of Rashiliyia's kin, these may be well hidden.8
These adventurers reported seeing a wraith- like creature.8
Many thanks for the herb Bwana. I'll add it to my collection.7
Well Bwana, if you have Rashiliyia's remains, you need to find a way to put her spirit to rest. Perhaps there was a clue with one of the artefacts that you have?7
Why not have a look through the artefacts that you have found and see if there is some clue that might help? If you do not have her remains, you will need to find them.7
What could I possibly help you with Bwana?7
If you find anything relating to him at the temple of Ah Za Rhoon, please let me see it.7
Many thanks Bwana, but I don't need that herb at the moment. Can you please get me the herb I asked for?7
Although the adventurers disturbed Rashiliyia's bones, they were not able to properly sanctify them. And this is the most likely reason why she still plagues us today.7
Maybe you need to look around a little more. There must be some small detail at least that can help us.6
Hmm, very interesting Bwana, your abilities are much more focused than I had initially thought. I presume these are to be part of the ward to protect you from Rashiliyia?6
Of course, she only has to order one of her minions to move her bones and she can quite quickly and easily set up a new headquarters anywhere and continue to launch her plague of undead.6
Hmm, I'm not exactly sure... Perhaps there is a clue in one of the artefacts you have found?6
Oh, right. Come back and talk with me if you get an idea.5
Hmmm, I'm not sure you will get much use out of this. Why not see if you can sell it in Shilo Village.5
This is truly incredible bwana... So these are the remains of the dread Queen Rashiliyia?5
I think the largest problem will be in locating her resting place.5
I really need that Volencia Moss if I am to make this potion.5
Well why are you showing it to me then?4
You're welcome Bwana, I only hope it helped.4
That is a shame Bwana. We really do need to act against Rashiliyia soon if we are ever to stand a chance of defeating her.3
Well, just show me the items and I'll help as much as I can.3
I dare not take them, I may be taken over by the evil spirit of Rashiliyia!3
That's not fresh Rogue's Purse, did you pick it yourself? Go get me some fresh Rogue's Purse and remember to pick it yourself.3
This is amazing Bwana, the level of detail is incredible. Where did you find it?2
How very inventive Bwana. You must have seen the lock to have crafted it so well. Does the key work?2
How interesting Bwana, did you find anything?2
If you let me see them Bwana, perhaps I can offer you some extra information.2
Minions are the fiendish undead creatures that she controls. She has very few living worshippers, but they need to be dealt with at some point.2
Usually a strong creature of some sort will be guarding her remains. And of course, she is a very powerful spell caster herself. Not to be tackled lightly.2
Well, Bwana, this is no laughing matter. We need to take this very seriously and act now! If you have found any items at the tomb that you need help with please let me see them and I will help as much as I can.2
Surely you mean Minions?1
Minions are the fiendish undead creatures that Rashiliyia controls. She has very few living worshippers, but they need to be dealt with at some point.1
Usually a strong creature of some sort will be guarding the bones and it is not to be tackled lightly.1
That's not fresh snake weed, did you pick it yourself? Go get me some fresh snake weed and remember to pick it yourself.1