Perfect! If you're still looking for work, I'm always looking for more grubs.2,861
You've come to the right place! Here you go.973
If you're looking for fishing supplies, you've come to the right place.685
I'll need you to bring me at least 5 buckets of sandworms before it's worth my time picking through them all.274
Sure, there's plenty of work to be done out on the beach. Have you seen the angler out there to the North? Well, he could probably do with an extra pair of hands hunting for them grubs.231
Bring buckets of grubs back here and I'll make sure people around town know you can pull your weight.218
See you around.52
Well they ain't no good to me like that! Keep 'em in the buckets if you want to hand 'em in.37
I'm afraid I don't know you well enough to give you any work at the moment.25
I'm afraid you'll have to work on your hunter skills before you can assist me.11