You cooked me a rabbit! Thanks a lot. You don't mind watching things while I take five to eat it, do you?1,280
Yeah, what ya want?623
I was just wondering what I was doing here too. I'm meant to be looking after this catapult but I can't keep my mind on the job. We've been living off field rations for almost a year now.507
I keep seeing rabbits in this forest. What I wouldn't give to eat one, but I'm not quick enough to kill any and I'm no good with a bow.437
What is it?239
You cannot pass! These are the king's quarters. No one enters without invitation.154
Sorry, can't stop to talk, you should go to General Hining.132
You cannot enter! This is now General Hining's pavilion. Since the king's death he has held us together.126
If the king wants to see you he will ask for you.115
Absolutely none! Now let me get on with my job.107
Huh, fair enough.105
Good day. Sorry I can't stop to talk. General Hining is keeping a tight watch.81
I wish I could. Just to see my wife, but if we don't stop the evil here, it will be too late!70
Soon Zamorak's fury will be released upon us.63
No. We sent a scouting party in that direction, when we first established our camp. Some of the men got lost in the swamps. Eventually we listed them as dead.59
Sorry, I shouldn't give out sensitive information to civilians. You should go to General Hining. He's in command since the death of the king.58
Oi! Don't mess with that.56
Then suddenly they returned, with a wild gleam in their eyes, raving about gods and snakes and all kinds of madness.56
These are dark times, I must prepare for the coming darkness.55
We had to drive them out, in case their condition infected the rest of the troops. Their wives will be given a full widow pension when we return home.55
General Hining concluded that, whatever is down there, it's not affiliated with any of the elf factions, and it should be left alone.55
Good day, I'm busy guarding King Tyras. I have no time for idle chat.43
I remember you! You're the one who's working with them wicked elves. I will make you pay for that mistake.31
Sorry, can't stop to talk. You should go to General Hining if you need something.26
They say the king died from a flying fire ball. Are you certain no one messed with the catapult while I was eating?21
Sorry, I shouldn't give out sensitive information to civilians. You should go to General Hining, in the camp along the road.19
Hey there. Things are much nicer around here now that the war is over.5