Sorry, JalYt, I am no longer a diary master. Seek the JalYt in the town above, to the west, known as Pirate Jackie.124
You need help JalYt-Ket-Xo-%USERNAME%?68
You need help JalYt-Ket-%USERNAME%?68
You need help JalYt-Mej-Xo-%USERNAME%?15
That what you are... you tough and strong no?15
You need help JalYt-Xil-%USERNAME%?15
You need help JalYt-Mej-%USERNAME%?14
Foolish JalYt, I am TzHaar-Mej, one of the mystics of this city.14
Are you not JalYt-Ket-Xo-%USERNAME%?13
Are you not JalYt-Ket-%USERNAME%?13
There are the mighty TzHaar-Ket who guard us, the swift TzHaar-Xil who hunt for our food, and the skilled TzHaar-Hur who craft our homes and tools.11
Then you JalYt-Ket-Xo!10
You need help JalYt-Hur-%USERNAME%?8
Then you JalYt-Ket!5
You need help JalYt-Hur-Xo-%USERNAME%?4
You need help JalYt-Mej-Kal-%USERNAME%?4
Are you not JalYt-Xil-%USERNAME%?4
Well then, no problems.4
You need help JalYt-Ket-Kal-%USERNAME%?3
Are you not JalYt-Mej-Xo-%USERNAME%?3
That what you are... you user of mystic powers no?3
That what you are... you agile and quick no?3
Then you JalYt-Xil!3
Then you JalYt-Mej-Xo!2
Are you not JalYt-Hur-%USERNAME%?2
That what you are... you skilled at making things no?2
Then you JalYt-Hur!2
What ever you say, crazy JalYt!1
You need help JalYt-Xil-Xo-%USERNAME%?1
Are you not JalYt-Mej-%USERNAME%?1
Then you JalYt-Mej!1