You talk to Aga yet?1,236
Oh no! Then Ug no chance, Trollweiss not found in years!1,197
Arrrghhh, die man-thing!1,192
You no chance, Ug no chance, need someone who live whole life in mountains. Ug no know anyone like that...1,192
I love Aga, she so beautiful, she smell so nice, like rotting dead ice wolf!1,140
You defeat Arrg yet?1,094
Have you got flower yet?1,086
Thanks man-thing. Ug so happy!1,085
You no touch Aga. Ug kill you.1,081
No, no, no, wait! Ug just joke, oh great man-legend. Ug puny, you strong.1,078
Ahhh, it no use, I too sad!1,057
You help Ug? You nice, maybe Ug not eat you!1,054
You very strong and nice. Take pretty rocks as thanks.1,053
I too scared.1,048
Whaaat? Man-thing want to die? Ug no scared of you or your grandmother! Ug show you. Ug go to Aga now.1,047
But Arrg that... arrrrrg! He together with Aga and he much stronger than Ug. He rip Ug apart!882
But me too scared to give Trollweiss to Aga because Arrg will eat Ug for breakfast.802
She most beautiful troll in world.193
Ug want to marry Aga, but she with Arrg!171
I give Trollweiss to Aga and she say it taste very nice. She very happy and we together now.135
Thank you many for getting Ug together with Aga. We much happy together! I so happy I can't stop crying!131
Go away, man-thing, leave Ug alone!25