Yous creatures done da good fing...yous get many bright pretties for dis...!704
Me's not got no glug-glugs to sell, yous bring me da sickies glug-glug den me's open da stufsies for ya.385
Hey yous creature...yous still here?84
If yous finds somefin for da sickies, yous brings to me...and I's gives you bright pretties, den me make more for alls pepels.82
Dem's dead ogre's come out of da ground...dey's makin' da rest of us into sick-uns ...and dead-uns.39
Grish want's da person go down der - see what's what!37
Me's showin' you da stufsies for yous creatures!24
Hey yous creature...yous did good fings gedin that glug-glugs for da sickies! All is ogries pepels are not gettin dead cos of you.21
Grish, you's is fright da creatures! Leave it alone!19
But it's not da big yumsies when it's gone to all frighty...19
ha ha ha ha!16
Yous creatures is da funny ones...yous already solds me's ones now..and us can now sell un to yous!13
Where you's get dis from's not sniffing big fresh? Did's yous creatures makes dis?9
Mee's not taking da risky wiv dis un, yous make me's da right glug glug when yous found out to make it.9