Hiss! What would you care?2
Hey %USERNAME%, you finally got around to naming me.1
Content. But a little more attention or rat hunting wouldn't go amiss.1
I rather not say.1
Ok I'm very old and fat! Are you happy now? Do you feel good, having a laugh at my expense?1
Well maybe if you stroked me the odd time, or played with me.1
Back to the pits. I want to tell the catchers what a rotten master you've been.1
If you paid me a little more attention I wouldn't, but I must admit I have been tempted to that for quite a while. 1
I'll believe it when I see it.1
I'd like to go hunting, but since you've been neglecting me I'm too fat to do that properly anymore.1
You're having a laugh! I couldn't even catch a cold if I tried.1
Hisss. No the reason I can't catch any is because you neglect me, leaving me in the bank or in your bags for extended periods does not help.1
Let's go out into the desert to talk about this, if you don't mind. I want the right atmosphere for the story.1
Anything evil is just fine with me.1
Back to the pits. I want to tell the catchers what a evil master you've been.1
I would... you're great! I wouldn't have it any other way! Evilness is just so, you know, EEEVVIIILLL.1