Ah, hello again, what can I do for you now?2,983
The shade remains are made of a strange substance which I've not come across before. I believe we should put these tormented spirits to rest.1,187
Quite right...I was thinking that a holy cremation would do the trick, but the funeral pyres need specially prepared 'pyre logs' - normal logs that have been treated with 'sacred oil' to give it a nice holy touch.1,176
You won't! It's a pagan secret lost a long time ago. Normally I would try to bless some commonly found vegetable oil, but I'm so weak from this illness that I know I just won't be able to do it.1,169
Hmm, interesting question. It is an ancient pagan temple referred to as Flaemtaer. I've studied it quite a lot, one day I hope to be able to rebuild it, who knows what ancient power it could unleash?1,168
Oh yes, well, that's very nice.1,155
I couldn't do it alone, I'd need a few expert artisans to help with the construction. I'd also need a good supply of limestone bricks, swamp paste and timber beams. Thankfully Razmire stocks all these items. (Sigh)1,151
Ah, excellent, you've made your own serum and it seems to work well! Many thanks for using the Serum on me! But beware, I may start to change back soon!1,060
Oh yes, that would be interesting!1,052
Great! Well done my friend!1,039
Well done...I feel this serum is really working on me. I think you've cracked it my friend! I'd like to give you something for your trouble!1,006
Huh! I used to joke with Herbi Flax that if 'Flaemtaer temple' was still standing, we could practice some ancient pagan rituals and incite the sacred flame! Huh, I'm not surprised that he never took me seriously!897
The serum is a product of science. Herbi was a clever man to have made it, but he didn't integrate anything from the spiritual world into his work - and for all of his hard science there is still something missing.715
I'm a man of faith...that's all I know. Sometimes I feel that we should experiment with the sacred and the holy, not just the crude matter we find around us everyday.708
That's up to you my friend! I once heard someone say that making your own decisions is the only real freedom you have. Exercise your freedom my friend, while you still can.679
Hello again! Many thanks for helping us to solve the riddle with the Shades, we can start to work now putting all those Shade spirits to rest and get a little bit of a reward to go along with it!112
From what I've learned, the ancients used to use the sacred oil on logs in order to make pyre logs for cremation. You could try that!110
That is a shame, I would have liked to have seen the remains. Razmire was right. I'm keen to study them and perhaps see if I can work out a way to put their spirits to rest.81
You've already used the permanent serum on me, you don't need to use that any more.26
Now you need to place the sacred logs on the pyre, then add the remains of a shade, then set fire to the pyre. This should release the Shade from it's eternal damnation and help it pass on to the other side.21
My name is Ulsquire Shauncy, I'm the local teacher and priest around here. You've really come at a time when Mort'ton is in a terrible state.15
They are the disturbed spirits of those interred in the earth beneath Mort'ton. Their eternal spirits have been poisoned by the close vicinity to the evil nature of the inhabitants of the Sanguinesti area.13
That's great, carry on the good work. I'm sure that the temple is the key to unlocking a better life for all of us in Mort'ton.11
Well, there's my good friend Razmire Keelgan. He's a prominent shop owner in Mort'ton, at least he was before he was affected by the area.11
This sad and afflicted little town is called 'Mort'ton'. In it's heyday it was a busy and bustling market town with a speciality for interring the dead.10
I remember Herbi Flax talking about the serum. He said it worked on what he called the 'biological' effects of the affliction but that some other secondary effect was at work which he didn't quite understand.10
The people are affected by the emanations from the rest of Morytania and the dead from the tombs have manifested into shadow creatures.9
I know he tried to gather the militia together to fight the shades. He might know something about the temple. Razmire lives in the building to the west just over there, go and talk to him.9
The emanations from the rest of Morytania affect the people here terribly turning them into mindless creatures. And, as if that wasn't enough, we get picked off by the evil Shades that exist in this area.9
The vile emanations from the Sanguinesti area started to spread and the town hasn't been the same since. The serum you made was the one that Herbi Flax was working on. Unfortunately the serum isn't permanent.8
I'd go and see Razmire, perhaps he has some items in stock?7
He was interested in 'Flaemtaer', the ruined temple to the North. I found this odd. A man of science studying a structure dedicated to faith and the struggle of good verus evil, another concept he didn't understand.6
I've researched this much, it seems that the temple was dedicated to the worship of elemental flame or fire. The sacred flame was said to be very holy and was used somehow to sanctify oil for use in cremations.6
The pagans believed that sacred oil sanctified the cremation ceremony and thus helped the deceased pass onto the next life, and it helped the logs to burn! In case there's any truth in the story, have this!6
You need to place the remains of the shade on top of the logs and then set alight to it.5
I can't say that I'm surprised, Razmire hates them, but it would be interesting to see the remains of one and investigate it somehow. I might find something useful!5
I'm not surprised. The temple represents holiness. They may feel that it has power over them in some way. My advice is to carry on and finish the temple if you can, and see what happens. You may need help though!5
You may need help building the temple or defending yourself against the Shades. I'm sure if you ask around nicely you would be able to get some help.5