Hello, I see you have a cat.1,407
I do! His name is Bob but I can't find him!1,375
I haven't seen him for a week! What am I to do?!1,365
I think I need the Doctor...ugh...1,132
Hello! Bob came home today! I'm so happy!1,131
Fat lot of use you were! He came home on his own!1,131
Of course I'm not wrong.1,128
Before you go, I found the strangest thing. There was a package left under the bed, it's addressed to you.1,125
I think my arm is broken!1,109
Then there's my spleen!1,109
My liver has packed in!1,109
Is that it?! I'm much more ill than that!1,109
Wow! What can I say... I feel special!1,107
Just a Doctor... please hurry... I don't think I'll last long...1,101
Would you? Oh that would be so great!1,090
Well he usually comes back to me once a week. Usually a Thursday a bit before lunchtime.1,086
Hmph, well, this week he hasn't come back for his food and I'm worried.1,084
I guess so.1,084
Do you want to help or not?!1,081
This isn't funny!1,077
Where was I? Oh yes... my friend Hild might be able to locate where Bob is, she lives in the house just up the road.1,073
Please hurry!1,071
I'm not sure...1,054
I am not a well man!1,033
I don't want to leave the house in case Bob comes back.846
My back hurts!825
Yes! I can feel the potion working...811
I've just had an idea!774
My friend Hild is cleverer than me...764
The pain has gone... I can walk on my leg...718
He must be hungry by now!698
Wait! I feel something!695
I don't feel so good...692
I am so glad to see you Doctor!638
I am so glad to see you Nurse!584
Doctor Please take this seriously! I demand treatment!578
Nurse Please take this seriously! I demand treatment!529
Doctor! I'm cured!401
Nurse! I'm cured!391
I feel much better now.125
It's just not the same without Bob around.124
Gertrude asked me if I'd like one of her new kittens. I don't think I'm ready for that yet.124
Thanks %USERNAME%.124
Hey! Leave me alone!100
No you're not! You aren't wearing a white robe bottom!100
No you're not! A Doctor wouldn't be holding that!89
No you're not! A Nurse wouldn't be holding that!82
No you're not! You don't have a Doctor's Hat!48
Hello, do you have a cat?43
Oh, hmm.40
I don't see him as much as I used to but he's fine.27
Well my spleen is playing up again...26
Oh, OK.25
No you're not! You aren't wearing a white robe top!14
Have you spoken to Hild about locating Bob?13
She lives in the village, just follow the path north a little.11
Have you found Bob yet?4
Please hurry, I'm worried.4