Greetings bwana... Many thanks for defeating the demon... and releasing me from this dreadful possession... Pray tell me, what can I do to repay this great favour?2,437
Oh, yes, Bwana... you will be doing a great favour to our people by doing this. However, you must know that it is a difficult task, the Yommi tree is difficult to grow.1,890
Here you are, accept these with my gratitude. You'll need to soak them in sacred water before planting them. I notice that you must already be familiar with sacred water to have passed into the flaming octagram.1,885
Please come no closer... the flames will incinerate you.1,686
You must have a natural ability with such things to have a chance...1,491
Please, leave now...1,465
My sincerest pleasure Bwana...1,252
Please don't try to extinguish...1,196
Curse you foul intruder... 'Ere near to death ye come now that ye has meddled in my dealings..1,170
...from the above lands... hurry and release me...1,159
Hurry, Vacu, the heat kills me... ha ha ha1,075
Now that you have defeated the demon you can come and go as you please. I cast a spell on you which means that you can pass through the flames without harm.1,041
I will remain here in the protection of the flaming Octagram and continue my research into the spirit world. I am somewhat of an authority with my recent experience!979
Yes, douse the flames with water, pure water... foo...973
Leave here, please, go... now...952
Please, leave now... don't listen to me... I beg you, leave now, don't touch the flames...838
But do remember me from time to time and come to visit an old man. You never know, I may be able to help you in the future, and repay you the favour of releasing me from that terrible Demon...756
A good question Bwana, but it is essentially quite simple. First you will need to soak the seeds in some pure water. This will help to germinate the seed and begin the growing process.730
This dagger has been made for one purpose only... Praise the gods that you brought it to me.599
Use this spell on the Spirit. It will force the spirit to show its true self. And it will also be vulnerable to normal attacks.598
The Yommi tree is sacred and is also slightly magical. You need to seek out a patch of fertile earth. Such places are located around the jungle and should give the Yommi tree a good chance of survival.573
How did you get this Bwana?543
The tree should show some remarkable growth quite early but will slow down, you may be able to speed the process up by watering the tree with more pure water, although it can be difficult to find it.470
I can make you a spell with this item which will force the spirit to reveal its true self. Once activated, you will be able to attack it like any normal creature.461
I am Ungadulu, trapped here many years now... Leave these caves and save yourself...442
Wait... get pure water from the pool... above lands...334
Please run for your life...311
Go... go now...!285
Take more care of these this time around.285
Please Bwana, don't listen to me... run, save yourself...271
Welcome Vacu, to eternal...263
Run, run away... Run like the leopard Bwana!254
Blessings on you Bwana. Did you manage to get the sacred water?229
Hmmm, the pure water is sacred to us. It is from a sacred spring which is fed from deep underground.179
Legend has it that the spring is protected by spirits of long dead adventurers who went in search of the source of the spring. It is likely a myth and the source of the spring is buried deep underground with no paths164
Hello Bwana, how goes your quest to find the water?159
to it.128
Blessings on you Bwana. Did you use the spell and kill the spirit? Do you have the sacred water yet?125
You already have some Yommi tree seeds, use those first... and let me know how you get along.119
I hope that teaches you a lesson!87
That sounds very strange Bwana, I'm glad to see you didn't commit such a foul act. I can make a spell that would help you to defeat the spirit. But I need an item that belongs to the spirit to make it work.72
If you have something like that, please show it to me and I'll give you the spell. Beware of everything in these caves, I was tricked very easily and was enslaved, as you well know. Learn from my example.68
Ha, ha ha Vacu... Come for me again and you'll taste more of my power!61
You did well to come to me Bwana. As I said before, I am an expert in spirits of the underworld. In most circumstances you should just ignore them. However, beware as many spirits will try to trick you.50
That is truly great Bwana... Well done! You have the spirit of the jungle lion.39
You already have some Yommi tree seeds. Use those first and then come back to me if you need any more.27
Well, you should be able to plant the Yommi tree. And then water it with the sacred water. You should then be able to start making the Totem pole.26
I know something about them, especially magical daggers. If you have a specific one, show it to me and I'll help as much as I can.22
Hello Bwana, how goes your quest with the Yommi tree?21
Your Legendary exploits are travelling the whole jungle.16
Gujuo has been to see me. He told me that you have been given a sacred totem pole. It was constructed by one of my ancestors many moons ago. It is a noble prize Bwana, you have earned it. Look after it well.13
That's truly a miracle Bwana, very few come out of Viyeldi's caves alive. And you managed to defeat Nezikchened a second time? You are truly a legend bwana. Do you have the sacred water as well?13
So long as you have banished the spirit and managed to get some of the sacred water. Let us pray that we have seen the last of that evil!13
Great Bwana, now go plant them in the fertile soil. You should soon have a great Yommi tree worthy of a most marvelous totem pole.7
Well, good luck with your quest Bwana. You may find it worthwhile exploring these catacombs. There is said to be an entrance to the Viyeldi caves, which is where the sacred source of the magic pool exists.5
It is said that the caves where the stream is located, are littered with strange remains of a past civilisation. The dwarves are said to have excavated the area in search of the source of the sacred water.5
Above ground and spaced out throughout the whole jungle area are specially cultivated fertile soil areas. Seek one out and plant the Yommi tree in that. Be prepared to water it though...5
Ha, ha ha! There's no need to use that on me anymore... I'm cured now, remember...4
Something bad must have happened because soon the area was cursed. Anyone who entered the area looking for the source of the water, and who died, would be forever cursed to protect the water......Forever...3
Beware though as it is said that the area is cursed. Anyone who is killed seeking the sacred water, will forever be sworn to protect its secret.2
You have done well, Bwana, to have succeeded where so many others have failed. You are a true Legend Bwana.2
Hmmm, that sounds odd. I'm sure that Gujuo will tell you the same as me though. Searching for the source of the water pool will be difficult. However, with some help, it might be possible.2
Vile serpent, you'll pay for that!2
...What, what happened?, Why am I all wet?2
How goes your quest to grow the sacred Yommi tree?1
This is great news Bwana, you've done really well. Perhaps we can start to rally our people together now. And live once again without fear in the jungle.1
Well, Bwana, you can simply replace the corrupted totem pole with the good one you have created. This will make my people very happy.1
There is said to be a stream of the sacred water that exists underground. I'm sure that Gujuo will tell you quite a lot about it.1
I have not explored outside of this room, but I have heard that there is a huge metallic door of strange construction within these catacombs which challenges any person with a riddle. Very few have solved the riddle.1
And even fewer have been returned alive if they did solve it. You can try to explore these caverns, it may help. You may just be able to find the Viyeldi caves. That is where the source of the sacred water resides.1