At the next council meeting, I'm going to recommend that we change the guards' uniform to be red.16
We have surface-dwellers coming down into our mines and our city now, and remember that they don't have very good eyesight.12
What colour do you suggest, then?10
No, I disagree. Guards should not be soothing, they should be seen as formidable. Red will give the correct impression.9
I worry that they can't see our guards very clearly in the dark. It is important for a guard to be seen.8
Oh? How so?5
You know, I think that's probably what we'll end up doing.5
No, thank you. We don't let any one single goblin make decisions, and certainly not an outsider!5
Of course you can.4
Perhaps you're right. Not making any change would certainly be the easiest option!3
Ooh! Are you %USERNAME%?1
Everyone's talking about how you helped Zanik save the city! You're a hero!1