Oh dear...62
I'm worried. I think the Council is neglecting a big issue. I tried to bring it up at the last meeting, but they didn't pay attention.56
I'm very happy for you humans to come down to the city, but what about...them?54
Them! *whispers* The G-O-D-S.50
Don't say it! What if they hear?49
I don't?34
Are you sure?34
I do hope you're right! I still can't help being worried, though.34
Because they're so powerful, of course!33
In the time of the great war, they forced all the goblin tribes to fight one another. Our ancestors weren't powerful enough to stand up to them.30
We've hidden down here for this long, but now the way to the surface is open, what if they find us again?27
No! How could you even suggest that? We're not going to worship some supernatural being just because it's bigger and more powerful than us.18
It may seem to you that we're cowardly, hiding here from the gods all this time, but I know that every Dorgeshuun would rather die than submit to the rule of any god.17
Of course you can.2