In Canifis the men are known for eating much spam.8,289
In the end, only the three-legged will survive.8,280
Once, I was a poor man, but then I found a party hat.8,211
Up in the north, I hear they keep milk in bags rather than buckets.8,203
I quite fancy an onion.8,166
Want to see me bend a spoon?8,150
What's cheese?8,128
The sudden appearance of a deaf squirrel is most puzzling, comrade.8,126
*sneezes* What?8,122
It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose.8,114
Would you like to buy a pewter spoon?8,101
I believe that it is very rainy in Varrock.8,096
Loser says what.8,083
Actions have consequences.8,076
My magic carpet is full of eels.8,066
There were three goblins in a bar, which one left first?8,065
Have you found the key to the secret room?8,063
I am the egg man, are you one of the egg men?8,041
I have a story about that.8,035
The slowest of fishermen catch the swiftest of fish.8,027
Can you stand me?7,979
Can I have your teabag?7,966
A great captain is always ready to change course.7,957
I heard that the tall man fears only strong winds.7,939
Quickly! I've got a bee sticking out of my arm!7,826
I do not believe we have any business, Comrade.2,174
I do not believe we have any business, comrade.2,072