Hey it's the hero! Thank you so much for saving us from Gadderanks. And the town is looking lovely as well. You've done a great job!14
Not as far as I know. We have some basic amenities now which is so very useful and we're all incredibly grateful to you.4
I've never really seen or known a hero before, so I have nothing to compare one to, but I suspect in most people's judgement, you would be one! I for one am very pleased to have met you.3
It's just perfect. Thanks so much for your efforts.2
Oh, that's good to know.2
Oh, that's very kind of you!2
Perhaps you'd consider fixing up the general store. Go and have a chat with Aurel if you want more details.2
Oh, not much really. We're all still hiding from the vampyres and eking out a living from this terrible place.1
Hopefully soon we'll be strong enough to make the journey across the Salve.1
Not that it makes much difference but my name's Valeria. Like all the other survivors here, I just try to make do and get through each day at a time.1