You're back. Do you have the logs?1,795
A bit close? You nearly blew everything with your little run in with Vanstrom. It was a good job I had Sarius keep an eye on you.1,791
I just wasn't convinced you'd be able to do the job. It seems I was right to be cautious.1,787
I've given your friend Vertida the required information. He will show you what to do.1,784
Well well, the vampyre slayer returns. Two of my brothers, now Damien as well. Quite the body count you're amassing.1,694
Wonderful. Now we're getting somewhere. With that disguise, you should be ready to enter Darkmeyer.1,654
Then we are ready.1,652
You'll need to get to Efaritay's Arboretum in the middle of the city. The city architects gave it a facelift to help it blend in, but it's still impossible to miss.1,643
Don't take too long.1,640
Vanstrom. I am here with a gift for my brother.1,635
Well keep your disguise on for a start. You'll want a suitable name as well. Your current one isn't very fitting. If anyone asks, you're called %VAMPYRE_NAME%.1,634
I expect you to see many things you consider undesirable while in Darkmeyer, especially where your kind are concerned.1,632
Well it looks like everything is ready.1,578
Ah yes, the great 'Count' Draynor. He loved his stupid titles. He was weak even before he got trapped on the wrong side of the Salve. A coward as well.1,569
Good, good. Once you are ready, let me know and we will begin.1,567
Do you have the disguise?1,561
Oh... no, no, no. A vyrewatch will not do. We want you to blend in with the nobles. That means we need the blood of a noble.1,544
Wonderful. Now, as mentioned earlier, we will need to scent this disguise. My kind have a keen sense of smell and will quickly notice an imposter if they don't smell right.1,540
Brother. I don't...1,393
It seems that the bark of the Blisterwood tree can be used to create weapons that are deadly to my kind.1,290
Now, %USERNAME%. Time to get these weapons made.1,285
Darkmeyer isn't as impenetrable as you might think. I know of a way you can get in. But first, you'll need a disguise.1,279
Yes. All the Myreque.1,275
Good. Here's what's going to happen.1,225
Almost, but not quite. I know of a small weakness in the southern wall. A crack, in sector six of Meiyerditch, just north of the daeyalt mine.1,217
Now, I assume you have a finished disguise?1,215
Your efforts were valiant, Vanstrom. But alas, they were unsuccessful. I decided to take matters into my own hands, using a new tactic.1,209
Besides, up until now, why would any human even consider entering Darkmeyer? Perhaps you hadn't noticed, my kind is not known for treating humans well.1,199
Something has to change, or we're doomed.1,187
You have been gone too long, brother. While you spend your days hidden away, lamenting about that stupid rock, our kind suffer.1,181
You worry too much. Safalaan is a big boy.1,179
Now, whatever happens, you must not let your true identity be exposed. If a member of the Myreque was found in Darkmeyer, the entire city would be locked down.1,176
I never said it would be easy. I don't expect us to kill my brother and then have a big party. It will be work, but given time, that work will pay off.1,171
Blood of course. The blood of a vyre.1,163
I negotiated with them. Convinced them that I was on their side. After that, bringing them in was trivial.1,146
Out there, in your city, they're starving. There's not enough blood to go around and their great leader is unwilling to provide a solution.1,143
Of course. The lords and ladies of Darkmeyer won't go interacting with any old rabble.1,141
Oh, you could try. Although I doubt it would end well for you.1,140
I think we use this as an opportunity to deal with two issues in one. Damien Leucurte has become a problem that needs to be resolved. He is also a noble, albeit a lesser one.1,138
We will take your group to Castle Drakan as our prisoners. Once inside, my vyres will ensure no one enters while we deal with my brother.1,136
Oh dear Veliaf, you misunderstand. The smell of my blood will be far too recognisable to work. We need someone a bit more obscure.1,131
There's a reason Lowerniel had him banished. I'm just surprised he lasted as long as he did.1,126
I don't know what...1,115
Once Lowerniel is dead, I will teleport you all back here again. I will then announce his death to my kind and take his place as the ruler of Morytania.1,108
Well it is true. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd best be getting inside.1,105
But we really have to get on.1,097
Once inside, you'll need to chop some logs from the Blisterwood tree. We'll need enough to arm everyone, so eight logs in total.1,089
While you may be tempted to get involved, don't. Stay in character no matter what.1,072
Yes we will.1,069
Oh I'm counting on it...1,067
It should be big enough for you to squeeze through, as long as you haven't recently eaten an excess of cakes.1,057
My kind are struggling to feed themselves. They've currently got bigger worries than cracks in walls.1,056
From here, I will teleport our group to the Darkmeyer Arboretum. There, we will join with some vyres loyal to me.1,049
From there, we will start to build our new kingdom, together.1,042
Good, good! You seem to be well in control.1,013
Wonderful. It's an interesting lock. The icyene always were devious. From what I can tell, you'll need to ensure that the total value of each row and column matches the number at the end.979
I am no fool. I am all too aware of my own weaknesses and how you could exploit them. When we take on Lowerniel, I don't intend to be alone.979
Well noted. We'll need to unlock it.977
Did you not know? %USERNAME% here isn't just responsible for killing Ranis. He also killed our younger brother, Draynor.972
Well... not quite. While not perfect, the work you've already done has potential. I see no need to completely discard it.949
One of these plants was the Blisterwood tree. The icyene used the sap of this tree to create poisons that were deadly to vampyres.948
Well I'm no scientist, oddly enough. But from what I can tell, even when chopped away, the wood of the tree is very much alive. It shifts and grows in unpredictable ways, rendering our immunities useless.929
Really now? Do you think I have any intention of touching a tree that can kill vampyres? No. You will need to recover the wood yourself.917
I know many things about Safalaan. It's why we are here, in fact. But please, go on.909
Oh lighten up would you. No sense of humour at all.870
Queen Efaritay was a renowned botanist. She used this to her advantage many times during the war, breeding all kinds of plant life to use against us.868
However, I've always suspected the tree might have other uses. Clearly the researchers in the Haemalchemy Laboratory thought the same.861
I have many supporters amongst the vampyres of Darkmeyer. Your small group against all of us? The fight would be brief.858
Yes, yes. Wonderful to see you. Shall we get on with things?857
Safalaan Hallow. Interesting name, isn't it?853
Now, luckily for us, my kind have some shapeshifting abilities. Many vampyres, such as myself, prefer to take on a human form. That means you should be able to fit in... with the right outfit of course.849
Well, the research you recovered has confirmed something I have long suspected.848
Now you see, I've tried honour before. Decided it wasn't for me. Honour matters not if you're dead. I intend to keep living.847
Once you have the disguise, we will need to scent it. We will discuss that once you have it.844
Again with this? I've already told you, I have no need to kill you. Once Lowerniel is gone, I envisage a new age, where my kind and yours live in harmony. I need you alive for that.839
Ah... that's the tricky bit. I know only of one Blisterwood tree. It lies in Efaritay's old Arboretum, in the middle of Darkmeyer.838
That's fine by me.829
Instead, I suggest we use wood from the Blisterwood tree to enhance the weapons you already have. When combined with the wood, I imagine that flail of yours will be quite effective.823
Ha, ha, ha. Vanstrom, you do make me laugh.821
Not bad, but we'll want to make some adjustments. We need you looking less like a vyrewatch and more like a noble.816
Why, with these blood tithes you're really spoiling us!800
Mmm, delicious! Well, it's been lovely as usual, Vanstrom.797
Exactly. A nice and simple plan.795
Well I can give you better than guesses. Allow me to offer some clarity.780
When she was still in power, the ruler of Hallowvale, Queen Efaritay Hallow, had this mausoleum built. It was constructed to one day house her and her human husband, King Ascertes Hallow.752
Finish your story. I promise that everything will be made clear.746
Now, off you go.730
But your powers stopped him?701
Ah, but you are far from ordinary, aren't you Safalaan? Tell me, how much do you remember of your childhood?683
I'm sorry Safalaan, but it is true. You are the half- human, half-icyene son of Queen Efaritay Hallow.681
Good name, but not really his style I'm afraid.679
Do you not find it odd that you share a name with the former royal family?677
The powers of an icyene, yes.677
I'm impressed Veliaf. I did fear you'd go and do something silly.672
I realise it's a lot to take in.668
The name 'Hallow'. Do you know where it comes from?666
Inside, I believe you will find the truth that you've spent your whole life searching for.657
Spot on. You know your history. The family of icyene that ruled over Hallowvale were the Hallow family. And so of course, the name of the region is no coincidence.656
A boat will be your easiest way I imagine. I'll let you worry about the details.645
Would you actually believe me if I did? To you, my words are just that, words. Inside this mausoleum lies something far more reliable, proof.642
Yes. If you are able to find further research notes, I suspect we'll find a way to upgrade that weapon of yours.641
Never happy are you Veliaf?636
This is growing boringly repetitive, Veliaf. For the last time, if I wanted any of you dead, I'd have done it by now.629
This graveyard is no normal graveyard. It was once the private graveyard of the Hallow family. Every member of the royal family was buried here.624
Fine. Conversing with you is a chore, anyway.622
Of course I did. Do you think she would have dared interact with you without my consent? Come now, surely you're smarter than that?621
Morytania would become a land of peace and prosperity, with humans and vampyres living side by side.613
Come now, don't be so hasty. You should at least think things over. While you do, I would appreciate a private chat with Safalaan.613
The war for this land was long and bloody. We were winning, but with heavy losses. Lowerniel didn't mind. He was a hunter and a warrior. In his eyes, there was no death more noble than one in battle.612
Yes, you. Join me by the large mausoleum at the back of the graveyard. There is something we need to discuss.607
To the south east of Meiyerditch, there's an old graveyard. The Icyene Graveyard, we call it. Gather the Myreque, every member, and meet me there. That is where I will present my proposal.607
Oh, it's probably also worth mentioning that I can't afford any loose ends. If you decline, I would expect you to leave Morytania immediately.599
Now I won't deny, you've not done a bad job. Killing Ranis was no small achievement, but you managed it all the same.597
Ha! You could try. Even if you were to succeed though, which isn't likely, one of the other vampyre lords or ladies would just take over instead.595
Safalaan I...595
Indeed you do. Not a bad weapon by any means, but not ideal for taking on Lowerniel. He'll snap it in two before you even have a chance to use it.581
Oh on the contrary, the death of Ranis was just what we needed.575
There was no love between Ranis and I. You did us a favour when you got rid of him.571
Efaritay surrendered that same day. She walked into Lowerniel's camp, alone, and willingly handed herself in. I guess she had hoped that Lowerniel would free your father in exchange for her.570
And you know what? It was the worst thing that ever happened to us.567
Tell me, have you worked out why this arrangement exists?567
Unfortunately for you, you're still no closer to the true prize.566
Many didn't share that view though, and wanted the war to be over. Ranis was one of them. He managed to infiltrate Efaritay's castle. Once inside, he captured your father, Ascertes.565
The reason I have gathered you all here is because I have an offer for you.564
So... Let's talk.554
No. After that, I'm afraid I don't know what happened to your mother. No one ever saw her again. Only Lowerniel himself knows her fate.552
Indeed. That is why I have come to you. Only with my help will you have any hope of killing my brother.544
Which is?541
Like I said, we suffered heavy losses in the war. We needed a way to quickly restore our numbers. Vampyrification was the answer. Your father was the first of many to go through the process.538
Long ago, the land of Morytania was known as Hallowvale and it was ruled over by a race of Saradominists called the icyene.535
I can't control what you believe, but I am not the enemy here.531
Very well. Safalaan, %USERNAME%, if you'll please join me.528
Lowerniel turned him into a vampyre, not I.528
Is there now? Do you refer to the elusive Calsidiu, the apparent leader of the Myreque?525
He still lives to this day, under a different name of course.523
Correct. Hallowvale was taken over by my kind, and Lowerniel became ruler of the newly named Morytania.522
Vanstrom Klause.522
So be it. You should inform the rest of your group.521
Excellent, glad we understand one another. I will await you at the graveyard.516
Incidentally, should you fail to attend...514
If I were to give the order, I could have the heads of every member of the Myreque mounted above the gates of Castle Drakan before the day is out.512
That said, I do suspect it might have more secrets for us to discover.510
My brother was a great conqueror, make no mistake. But he is a poor ruler. And now, thanks to him, our society is collapsing.508
Everything I have told you is the truth. Only you can decide if you want to believe it.507
%USERNAME%, who was it that helped you find that laboratory?506
I know you've already been investigating Damien Leucurte and his not so secret arrangement with some of Darkmeyer's nobles.505
As I said to you earlier, Veliaf, if I wanted you dead I'd have done it long ago.505
Am I? So if I were to head to the Burgh de Rott inn and go down into the basement, what would I find?504
Anyway, I don't know much of the laboratory myself. It was Ranis that had it set up. Lowerniel wasn't very happy when he found out.504
I take it you know who I am?499
A lie, I'm afraid. I know exactly how many of you there are. And that number isn't as big as you'd like to pretend.498
Thank you Veliaf. Now, shall we crack on?498
If I'm not mistaken, which I'm generally not, you made that weapon using research from the Haemalchemy Laboratory.496
Oh Veliaf my dear, If I'd wanted you dead I'd have done it a long time ago.494
You've already killed one of my brothers. Now I offer you the chance to kill the other.493
Ah, and there I was thinking we were starting to become friends. Fine. I'm here to make you an offer. A once in a lifetime offer.490
Lowerniel is far more powerful than Ranis was. If you want to defeat him, you should take my advice.490
Ah yes, %USERNAME%, the great vampyre slayer. I would thank you, were it not for the fact that his funeral was such a dull affair.483
Alone, you have no hope of ever getting close to Lowerniel. Now, I on the otherhand, can get you right into his chambers at Castle Drakan.479
I have my reasons.478
I will, but not here.478
Is that such a bad thing? Your people would consider you heroes. You'd be the ones to finally kill Lowerniel Drakan.470
No. If you want to save your people, my way is the only way.468
I could, but even today there are many in Darkmeyer who still blindly believe in Lowerniel. It will be much easier for me to take his place if I am not responsible for his demise.467
You don't. But Castle Drakan is impenetrable. You'll never get inside on your own, and Lowerniel clearly has no intention of coming out. This is your only option.465
Every day that goes by, the number of humans in Morytania decreases. Yet while this happens, our population continues to grow. Unsurprisingly, we no longer have enough blood to go around.460
To stay would have dire consequences for your life expectancy.456
If you want any hope of defeating my brother, you'll need the proper weaponry.455
There was once a time where humans and vampyres lived together in a great empire. Under my rule, I would see us return to that way of life.449
Be quick then.447
No... I'm here to talk...446
It's relevant because while all of this happens, our great leader remains absent. Lowerniel never liked to show his face, but these days it's as if he doesn't even exist. He spends months in his chambers, refusing to see anyone.446
Ah yes, the plan itself. You will pose as my prisoners and I shall escort you to Castle Drakan. Your capture is something that even Lowerniel will be unable to ignore.444
Did you not know? %USERNAME% here isn't just responsible for killing Ranis. She also killed our younger brother, Draynor.358
Are you ready to deal with my brother?341
Well don't take too long. Return once you are ready.217
No. You need to tell your companions about Safalaan's decision. Now, get going.169
As yes, the great 'Count' Draynor. He loved his stupid titles. He was weak even before he got trapped on the wrong side of the Salve. A coward as well.95
Now, did you want something else?90
You need to get this door open. From what I can tell, you'll need to ensure that the total value of each row and column on the lock matches the number at the end.79
A secret tunnel, leading directly into Efaritay's castle. The tunnel was here, in this very graveyard. Once they were inside, capturing Ascertes was easy.48
Do you know of Verzik Vitur?47
I'd give her the credit over Ranis. The two of them shared a love for playing with their food rather than eating it. They hatched all kinds of schemes together.47
I can only assume he didn't like what they were doing there.47
Are you familiar with their areas of research?46
Essentially. The first might seem to benefit Lowerniel, but when you look deeper you can see why he wasn't a fan.45
Indeed. Of course, Lowerniel's long absences mean that a lot of research was already complete before the laboratory was shut down. Hence how you were able to use it against Ranis.45
A test. Even back then I knew that Lowerniel needed to go. I wanted to see if a partnership with the Myreque was worth exploring.45
In some ways, I think Lowerniel was a bit disappointed the fighting was over. The pair were still greatly rewarded, however. Verzik ended up getting Efaritay's castle. It was quite the boon for her.37
You're meant to be working with Polmafi to create a suitable disguise. Now, off you go.36
Why wouldn't I? He's an awful leader. My kind are slowly starving to death thanks to overpopulation, but he doesn't even seem to have noticed.35
As for the second, I think it's obvious why Lowerniel wanted to put a stop to that. Just ask Ranis why that research maybe wasn't overly wise.34
Not really. It is the vampyre way. There was once a time when things were far more savage. Back on our homeworld, new clan leaders were selected during a festival known as the Night of the Blood Moon.33
We are not the beasts we were back then, but some things do not change. Like I say, it is the vampyre way.32
For our kind to be less reliant on humans would be a fundamental change to our society. History has told us that leaders generally don't survive such a transition.32
During the war, they managed to capture a justiciar, one of Efaritay's most elite warriors. They tortured him for days, until he gave them what they needed.31
You need to kill Damien Leucurte and use his blood to scent your disguise. Run along now.25
It was a simple concept. A full night of killing. At dawn, the one with the most kills became the new leader. Lowerniel loved it. He won every time of course. Personally, I prefer our new way of life.25
You're meant to be searching the Haemalchemy Laboratory for more research. Run along now.22
Well we can't go any further then. Return once you have it.21
You're meant to be working with Vertida to make the blisterwood weaponry. Run along now.11
You're meant to be finding Safalaan. Off you go.6
You need to infiltrate Darkmeyer and recover eight logs from the Blisterwood tree. Now, off you go.4
Well run along then. We need eight logs from the blisterwood tree.1
Well off you go then. You'll need it before we go any further.1