But we only paid our Island Tax last week!670
What? 668
*sigh* It seems a lot of money for some windows.639
*sigh* How much do you want?561
Thank you, thank you! I owe you one.412
You do not need to collect taxes from me. Begone with you!66
Feel free to leave it. Please leave.54
That's funny, I called it fourteen meals yesterday.34
Well, I have a contact on the other island. Are you interested in obtaining some produce?20
What? Can't you count? I'm not paying my tax to someone who can't count.18
Wanna buy some yak?18
Oh, hello %FREMENNIK_NAME%. Always good to see a friend.17
Well as you probably already know, all yak meat and yak products are banned on this island - orders of the King... 17
Hmmm, I suppose I can trust you, since you have done me a favour in the past. Can you keep a secret?15
These dwarves have arrived from Keldagrim - the Chancellor has asked me to look after them, but they are eating all of our food and drinking all of our booze.6
They are organising some sort of trade agreement. I don't know what they are trading.5
This is the best food on the island. Everyone else here eats fish. Quite often raw because the cook can't be bothered to cook any more.3
Hello tax collector.3
I don't think so, sleazeball.2
That's not right. I'm not paying you that much!2
Please, someone get these guys their ore quickly. They are eating all the good food on the island, and complaining about it!2
Thanks! I didn't expect that. Maybe you do have a heart.2
Can you keep a secret?2
Well as you probably already know all yak meat and yak products are banned on this island - orders of the King ... 2
Well, any time you need black market yak produce, you know where to come.1