Shall we begin?1,721
Well, well. Safalaan Hallow.1,706
...I'll deal with you myself.1,697
I've waited a long time for this day. The day that the Myreque finally die.1,688
Stop? And why would I want to do that?1,687
Vanescula? What's going on here?1,642
Turn, and face me. I will not ask again.1,635
Clearly. Which makes me wonder why I'd know your voice.1,631
You will return to Lasiurus and tell him that his prisoners are on their way.1,629
Jovkai! What's going on here?1,615
I remember how weak Ascertes was! The pathetic love he had for his wife, for his children!1,456
Alright then, Damien. What is it that you're so keen to show me?1,448
Remember? I remember everything!1,415
There'll be no hellhounds or abominations this time though. This time...1,404
And I remember the joy when I took your sister's skull and crushed it with my bare hands!1,393
I remember how good it felt! To be uplifted! To be made something more!1,391
How long I have wished to end your pitiful life...1,361
But... that's the Myreque.1,333
My... my lord?1,319
Eugh, what now Guile?1,310
It doesn't seem that way.1,296
What is your name?1,247
You talk too much.1,222
I... I'm sorry my lady, but this just seems too good to be true.1,217
Yes, my lord.1,202
Now, we're done here. See that the prisoners are returned, or I'll have this place shut down.1,198
That doesn't make them yours. These prisoners belong to Desmodus Lasiurus. You will have them returned to him at once.1,177
As it so happens I was on my way to the lower city to look into that very issue. However, on my way past, I heard shouting.1,172
I don't understand. How?1,155
Fine. My business here is done, regardless.1,153
Careful there, Jovkai. Now tell me, what's happening here?1,151
Hang on... I know those humans. That's the Gadderanks family. They don't belong to you.1,148
Turn and face me. I want to get a good look at you.1,146
You're paranoid, Jovkai. Lord Drakan doesn't care about you.1,143
You may be a lord, but you still answer to the Drakan family. That means you also answer to me.1,135
Hmmm... Lord Drakan won't be pleased about this.1,131
And just what is this Elixir of Everlasting?1,129
An elixir?1,124
You there, vyre!1,124
I do not care what Lasiurus does with them any more than I care about you and your weird tendencies.1,123
Wait... Your voice, vyre. It sounds... familiar.1,110
Ha! So we meet again, %USERNAME%. Prepare to die!1,110
Don't tell me you had me come all the way down here for this? Look at the wretched thing, Damien. It's barely even a proper juvenile.1,102
That someone is not you. I am in charge of blood tithing. I alone decide how it is to be carried out.1,101
So the Sleeper Plague? That was your doing?1,097
So yes, Lady Vanescula, we're getting maximum yield from the current rotation. And more tithes are coming in all the time.1,097
The same is true for me, m'lady.1,095
I don't doubt the ingenuity of your plan. This elixir could have great potential. The thing I doubt is your recklessness. This Sleeper Plague has attracted attention. The wrong kind of attention.1,093
I do not fear the Myreque. I have no need to. They have no way of touching me.1,092
And tell me, Damien, who gave you permission to do this?1,088
Now, if you'll excuse me, I will be on my way. There are things in Darkmeyer that require my attention.1,053
The Myreque are already here in Slepe, Damien. The one that killed Ranis Drakan is among them. Your overconfidence has begun your downfall.1,013
But you on the other hand, you should be very afraid. Out here alone, without the support of the Drakan household. You're a prime target. And if what I hear is true, they're right on your doorstep.1,003
I will do no such thing. You defied Lord Drakan when you came out here. The consequences of your actions are your own to deal with.999
Hello there. The name's Vanstrom Klause. How goes it stranger?992
Hmm, well, I am a little concerned about some friends of mine. They're in dire need of some assistance, but I'm at a loss as to how I can help them.976
It's a personal tragedy that I have yet to meet them in the flesh. But their exploits make mouth watering stories... The real meat and drink of high adventure and daring... So they say.968
They're a group of rebels fighting against the vampyres that rule over Morytania. They're known as the Myreque. Some people call them terrorists while others call them freedom fighters!959
Of course. I'm a big fan of their cause. I was hoping to supply them with some new weapons. Alas, I find that I'm rather lacking in ability when it comes to this kind of thing!954
Perhaps. But I still believe the vyrewatch can handle this.926
I saw your wife today, Gadderanks. She's well.919
If I remember, ma'am, I had little choice. You were quite... 'persuasive' the last time we met.918
I may have a solution to that, if this is indeed the route we're taking. There is also the question of your sister. She's specifically requested that Safalaan and that outsider be left to her.860
Really? You would help?858
Perhaps a light refreshment m'lady? This is from the fresh batch.855
The vampyres are always hunting them, so they keep themselves hidden. I hear the boatman in Mort'ton has dealings with them though.854
How wonderful! Perhaps the people of Morytania now have an additional hero that they can come to rely on?854
I hope she stays that way.844
It seems you have a fresh appointment, Gadderanks. I hope there will be no more delay.841
I couldn't care less for your problems Gadderanks. Just do the job you've been appointed to do.840
Very well, I will make preparations immediately. The sooner we deal with the Myreque the better. Even our kind have weaknesses and if Serafina could discover them, the Myreque can as well.827
Wait... Do you smell that? Smoke. It's coming from Burgh de Rott.822
No. Burgh de Rott was abandoned. That is clearly no longer the case.810
I take no orders from food sacks like you, Guile. Attend to this yourself. In any case, he wasn't much of a punch bag anyway.690
I was hoping to deliver some steel to them. A longsword, two shortswords, a dagger, a mace and a warhammer.670
And now... A little gift for the rest of you.631
Quite right.622
Well done adventurer! You led me right to them. The little dears are going to wonder which side you're on!610
Though if you wish to do this, I'm afraid you'll need to aquire the weapons yourself. My efforts to procure them have been rather unsuccesful.562
The Drakans have been wanting you lot dealt with for a while now. We wouldn't want to disappoint them, would we?501
Sorry Harold, you too!501
I take no orders from food sacks like you, Guile. Attend to this yourself. In any case, she wasn't much of a punch bag anyway.336
So I hear. There are many who sympathise with their movement. Rumour is that this boatman's been ferrying supplies to their hideout, somewhere in Mort Myre!273
There's always some evil heel ready to grind the face of humanity into the dirt. Here in Morytania, it's the vampyres! They rule over the region with an iron fist, killing any who oppose them.245
You've forgotten already? Ha! That's funny! But I do understand, my memory isn't what it was either!244
Yes, indeed! The Myreque are almost certainly able to handle themselves... But they need the tools to do it!239
Most of the town has supposedly fallen to some strange affliction. The boatman is apparently one of the few healthy people left!231
I hear he lives in Mort'ton. You'll find the town south of here, through Mort Myre. It's a nasty place, but where isn't in Morytania?217
The Myreque are the only ones brave enough to stand up to them. They stay in the shadows though, lest the vampyres track them down!197
I'd suggest a longsword, two shortswords, a dagger, a mace and a warhammer, all made of steel.185
Hello again. Any luck finding the Myreque?170
No one knows for sure how many of them there are. The group hiding in Mory Myre supposedly has six members. There's whispers of more of them in other parts of Morytania though.150
You'll need to obtain the weapons yourself. Fear not though! If you return to me here once you've found them, I'll be sure to give you a nice surprise in return for your help!139
Oh well, I'm sure someone will be along to help soon. Thanks for even considering it though.67
I hear there's a boatman in Mort'ton who knows where to find them. You'll find the town south of here, through Mort Myre. It's a nasty place, but where isn't in Morytania?65
Ha! So we meet again, RB8T2n8c2RT2. Prepare to die!1