Welcome to my clothes stall, can I help you with anything?3,265
Oh yes, did you get those designs from the librarian?954
Oh, that sounds interesting, what's this about?906
Yes, I can spin them for you, but I will have to ask you for a small payment of money for them.905
Oh dear, that statue is in a terrible mess, isn't it?904
Oh no, no, I can't quite recall what the clothes looked like. But I know someone who can!904
Well, I'm sure Hugi the librarian in West can help you along.904
I'm sorry, but the cloth to spin this is expensive. But for you, I can make the clothes for a nominal fee of 200 credits.904
Keldagrim-West, dear... on the other side of the Kelda, towards the north end of the city.903
Oh, just bring the designs to me then, I'll fix you up some nice clothes!903
Oh, I see, I see!897
Steam, of course!896
There we go! And look how beautiful these clothes look!886
Wonderful, let me get started then!884
I can definitely help you with this.757
I only have one small problem, you see... I've run out of fuel for my spinning machine.671
But I've used up all my coal and wood and I don't have the time to leave my stall to get them.660
I could hear the tumult from over here!647
I'm sure he can show you the exact designs of the clothes.627
Sounds like a fun little thing to do!615
Well, the spinning machine is all ready now, except that it needs to be powered up.216
Why, you light the logs of course!198
As soon as it's up and running, I can spin your clothes for you.187
Well, like I said, I can't do anything really without my spinning machine.174
Some coal and logs should do it!170
Then put them in the machine dear!144
Not a lot, I'm afraid, most of what I produce goes to my sister. Her shop is in Keldagrim-West.49
Oh, and so you did! Yes, I can definitely help you with that!44
Didn't I already make the clothes for you?9
I'm not rich, you know, I can't afford to make any more.7
A book, how wonderful!2
I'm sorry you feel that way, I was looking forward to making these clothes.1