Well done.1,092
Can you please help me? I'm in a terrible spot of trouble.1,035
Yes yes, I suppose it is a quest. My fiance Ernest and I came upon this house.1,017
Thank you, thank you. I'm very grateful.1,010
Seeing as we were a little lost Ernest decided to go in and ask for directions.735
That was an hour ago. That house looks spooky, can you go and see if you can find him for me?652
Thank you for rescuing Ernest.195
Oh he went off to talk to some green warty guy. I'm sure he'll be back soon.154
Have you found my sweetheart yet?34
Oooh, you violent person you.10
I know he's not exactly brave but I think you're being a bit harsh.2
My poor darling, why must these things happen to us.2
Well be quick, I'm sure being a chicken can't be good for him.2