What is it?1,155
Good job, you just made everything worse for us poor villagers!822
You adventurers! You never think, you just act. You think that by killing a powerful bad person, Gielinor will become a better place.819
Yes. Before your intervention the two gangs pretty much cancelled each other out. They spent most of their energy trying to kill each other.814
If you're prepared to change something you must also be prepared to deal with the consequences! Now hurry up and fix this mess you created!811
Oh it's you again!679
Gratitude? For what? You come into our town and rob, mug, burgle and kill and then expect respect and our gratitude? Look if it's praise and thanks you're looking for, talk to the mayor.675
Who do you think is in the best position to take power, our good mayor or the leader of the bandits?599
It's not that simple, things never are. A vacuum is created - power is available to the person best situated to take it.584
Now that the balance is lost, the Bandits reign unopposed! They no longer have to deal with the Menaphites and inflict nothing but more misery on us. You must finish the job that you have started.566
Do I have to spell it out to you?197
Just run the bandits out of town. Incidentally, I spotted their leader to the north-west a few minutes ago.197
I'm fine, how are you?49
Uneducated fool! It will die, it will die!28
No, I have nothing I wish to get rid of. If you want to do some trading, there are plenty of shops and market stalls around though.26
That is classified information.25
Not too bad, thanks.23
Here here here.22
Well there's always those wild Ugthanki, snakes, and wolves to kill on the outskirts of town.18
Get out of my way, I'm in a hurry!17
I'm busy right now.16
None of your business.16
I'm sorry I can't help you there.16
How can I help you?16
Who are you?15
Do I know you? I'm in a hurry!14
Hello there! Nice weather we've been having.14
I think we need a new mayor. The one we've got isn't very good.13
I'm very well thank you.13
Ah, a very noble profession.12
You know, even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day.12