Hello to you too adventurer.2,598
Look into my eyes.1,411
Don't blink.1,359
Have you gotten my supplies?1,146
My thanks adventurer. You have been most helpful. I will have my soul now.1,122
No matter, I will just create another minion to destroy all of you. You've already served your purpose.1,040
Just take it away please. Take it away. If you do I'll tell you of the secret passageway.976
Get the cat away from me first and then I'll tell you.970
Look deeply into them.930
It's over yonder by the group of rocks to the east. But you won't be able to enter, well not yet anyway.926
Get me a full water skin and a tinderbox. I seem to have lost my own and these desert nights are cold.926
To Sophanem, the city of the dead.925
First bring me some supplies and then I'll tell you. I'm running low and am about to embark on a long journey.925
Aghhh get that cat away from me. Quickly please.851
Adventurer I command you to kill these priests.845
You priest of the dog lord, kill your brethren.813
You will travel to Sophanem and enter the pyramid of the priests of Icthlarin.483
You will find a room within containing four jars take one of them and return to me.483
Take this symbol. You will know what to do with it when the time comes.483
Don't fail me, or else I'll eat your soul.483
Now go.483
Look deeply into my eyes.463
You will do what I say.421
Wandering, drifting and just surviving. What about you?175
I need both of them now. Hurry back when you have them.154
I survive off what little the land provides and the generosity of strangers and fellow travellers.151
Yes, Sophanem to the south, but it is closed to all outsiders.148
Just a nameless one. I had a name once, but it's been long forgotten.114
I don't doubt that.114
Give me the supplies first and then I'll show you the entrance.112
~Sniff, sniff.66
You have the smell of cats about you. Do you have one?58
Bring me a full waterskin and a tinderbox.57
Filthy nasty creatures.48
It's the second city of the Menaphites, full of giant monuments to their dead.17
No but there is still plenty of adventure and gold to be had, plundering the graves of the rich and powerful.16
The pathetic new high priest of Icthlarin. The wanderer spits the last name out as if it were a curse.16
Oh no reason whatsoever except that I hate cats!15
Do you want to enter the city or not? Hurry up and get my supplies, I intend to leave soon.12
Yes awful creatures, the brood of Icthlarin.8
Nasty cats, filthy sneaking beasts.....8
Fool! It's the only way into the city. Wander the desert and die of thirst, see if I care.3