Hello there traveller.1,404
We're looking for Zanaris...GAH! I mean we're not here for any particular reason at all.1,272
Well, we don't want to tell anyone else about that, because we don't want anyone else sharing in all that glory and treasure.1,089
Ahahahaha! Zanaris isn't a person! It's a magical hidden city filled with treasures and rich.. uh, nothing. It's nothing.987
Of course we know! We just haven't found which tree the stupid leprechaun's hiding in yet!952
Ye.. uh, no. No, not at all. And even if he did - which he doesn't - he DEFINITELY ISN'T hiding in some tree around here. Nope, definitely not. Honestly.949
Help? What help? I didn't help! Please don't say I did, I'll get in trouble!944
GAH! I didn't mean to tell you that! Look, just forget I said anything okay?767
Well we're on an adventure right now. Mind you, this is OUR adventure and we don't want to share it - find your own!243
Don't you know of the legends that tell of the magical city, hidden in the swam... Uh, no, you're right, we're wasting our time here.211
I don't think we want other people competing with us to find it. Forget I said anything.163
Hah! Adventurers of our calibre don't just hang around in forests for fun, whelp!127
When we've found Zanaris you'll... GAH! I mean, we're not here for any particular reason at all.103
Oh please don't say that anymore! If the rest of my party knew I'd helped you they'd probably throw me out and make me walk home by myself!71
So anyway, what have you found out? Where is the fabled Zanaris? Is it all the legends say it is?68
We're still searching for Zanaris...GAH! I mean we're not doing anything here at all.27
What? How did you know that? Uh... I mean, no, no you're very wrong. Very wrong, and not right at all, and I definitely didn't tell you about that at all.24