Any more news?1,288
Hello again. Did the potion work?1,242
Ah, it's more of that old ogre statue. I'll take this bit too.1,163
That's great news; let me infuse it with magic...1,149
Here it is - a dangerous substance. I must remind you that this potion can only be used if your Magic level is high enough.1,148
That is because of their magical powers. We must fight them with their own methods; do not speak to them! I suggest a potion...1,144
Who are you? Are you one of the new guards?1,133
Well what are you doing here?1,132
Oh my, oh my! What does it all matter in the end, anyway?1,131
Magnificent! At last you've brought all the crystals.1,129
Hello again. Did you find anything of interest?1,128
Ah, it's part of an old ogre statue. I'll take that off you - it might come in handy if I can fix it up.1,122
Marvellous! It works! The town will now be safe. Take these coins as a token of my gratitude. Also, let me improve your Magic level.1,120
Well, if you can cast Bones to Bananas, or any spells beyond that, you should be alright.1,118
Oh dear, oh dear. Darn and drat!1,095
The Watchtower here works by the power of magic. An ancient spell designed to ward off ogres that has been in place here for many moons.1,092
The crystals! The crystals have been taken!1,080
Yes, yes! Do I have to repeat myself?1,080
Interesting, very interesting.1,068
A servant race to the ogres: grey, depressed-looking creatures, always losing nails, teeth and hair!1,068
It's no good searching the caves. Well, not yet, anyway.1,065
They are deep and complex. The only way you will navigate the caves is to have a map or something.1,065
Well... I don't.1,065
Help? Oh wonderful, dear traveller!1,049
There must be some evidence of what has happened here. Perhaps you could assist me in searching for clues?1,047
Try searching the surrounding area. If you find anything unusual, bring it here. Try the bushes - I've read enough adventure stories to know that clues get caught in bushes all the time.1,044
You need to be fearless and gain entrance to Gu'Tanoth, the city of the ogres, then find out how to navigate the caves.1,041
Ogres are nasty creatures, yes. Only a strong warrior, and a clever one at that, can get the better of them.1,039
You'll need some way to make the guards let you in.1,037
I've given you a special scroll too - it's a new spell. Read the scroll and you will be able to teleport yourself here.1,029
Collect a guam leaf, add jangerberries, then mix in some ground bat bones. You must return it to me before you use it, so that I can empower it with my magic.971
I hope you've been brushing up Herblore and Magic? I must warn you, only experienced magicians can use the potion. It is too dangerous in the hands of the unskilled.880
Now the shield generator can be activated and, once again, Yanille will be safe from the threat of the ogres.865
We try hard to keep this town protected.854
It looks like you've brought me all the pieces of the relic. It is as I thought - a statue symbolising an ogre warrior of old.842
Long nails...grey in colour...well chewed...797
Yes I could do with an extra pair of eyes here.785
The exact knowledge of the spell is lost to us now, but the essence of the spell has been infused into four powering crystals that keep the tower protected from the hordes in the Feldips.783
They inhabit the caves in the Feldip Hills.781
Put the crystals on the pillars there and throw the lever to activate the system.780
Well, if you ever want to make friends with an ogre, this is the item to have! Now I'll try to assemble it...756
It may be that the ogres have one...756
Of course! They belong to a skavid!754
Be very careful how you mix it as it is extremely volatile. Mixing ingredients of this type in the wrong order can cause explosions!743
They normally keep to themselves, though. It's unusual for them to venture from their caves.731
I will tell the guards to let you past - that way, you can just use the ladder to get in and out.728
You could start by checking out the ogre settlements around here. Tribal ogres often dislike their neighbours... In the meantime, I'll throw those fingernails out for you.728
But how can we do that when the Watchtower isn't working?703
The system is not activated yet. Throw the switch to start it.344
Greetings, friend. I trust all is well with you? Yanille is safe at last!198
Ah, the warrior returns. Have you found a way into Gu'Tanoth yet?161
Well, ogres dislike others apart from their own kind. What you need is some form of proof of friendship, something to trick them into believing you're their friend.145
Yes indeed, let me see, what was it again...134
The final ingredient is ground bat bones.115
You need some jangerberries.114
Which shouldn't be too hard, considering their intelligence.107
You will need a guam leaf. That goes into the mix first.107
How's it going?93
May you have success in your task.90
When you have mixed the potion correctly, then I can empower the potion with magic and the ogre shamans can be destroyed.83
You will need to add those after the guam leaf has gone in, but before the final ingredient.83
Well done, well done! You are clever; hold onto it until you have all four.78
Keep searching for the others. If you've dropped any, then you will need to go back to where you got it from.60
Yes, those will do nicely.59
Yes, I'm sure you will... Good luck!59
Let me see...48
No, sorry, this is not evidence. You need to keep searching, I'm afraid.46
Hello again. How do you fare?36
Never mind, have another...35
A pestle and mortar will more than do the trick.32
More quests? No, indeed, adventurer. You have done us a great service, already.31
Complaining? Complaining!28
Oh, deary me! Well, there's nothing I can do about it. You will have to go back to them, I'm afraid.27
What folks these days don't realise is that if it weren't for us wizards, this entire world would be overrun with every creature you could possibly imagine. And some you couldn't even conceive of!24
Oh dear, oh dear, there must be something, somewhere...23
Good, good! I will expect the crystals back shortly then...22
How is the quest going?22
And don't forget to look out for the dragons!21
My, my. A wordsmith as well as a hero.21
Perhaps you just forgot where you stored it.20
Talk to them face to face and don't show any fear. Make sure you are rested and well fed, and fight the good fight!20
Well, regardless, I'm sure a bold, brave adventurer such as yourself won't have any problems.16
We are always in your debt; do come and visit us again.15
That's typical, nowadays. It's left to us wizards to do all the work.15
Remember all I told you. You must distract the guard somehow. Cave nightshade is what you are looking for - try searching the skavid caves for it.15
This herb is very poisonous, however, so handle it with care. Also, be on your guard in that cave. Who knows what monsters may be in that awful place...15
Magnificent! At last you've brought all the crystals. Now the shield generator can be activated and, once again, Yanille will be safe from the threat of the ogres.14
That is good news. Let me know if you find anything of interest.14
You will also need some jangerberries. Those go into the mix before the final ingredient.13
Didn't you know that the ogres keep blue dragons as pets and for magical ingredients13
Have you gone mad? I can see you have it with you!12
Won't bother? Won't bother!11
Perhaps this quest is too hard for you?11
Throw the lever to activate the system.10
How are you doing with the ogres?9
Already? Excellent!9
You need a map of some kind... I bet one of the ogres has one.9
Take some illumination with you or else it will be dark.9
You need a guam leaf.8
You will need to add that first.8
Yes, I'll take that off you.7
Oh no. Well, you had better go back there, then!6
Yes, it will be well guarded. Hmmm, let me see...6
Ah yes, I gather some ogres are allergic to certain herbs. Now what was it? It had white berries and blue leaves....6
You should try looking through some of the caves.6
Ho, ho, ho! A comedian to the finish. There it is, in your backpack!6
Oh, really? If you got it from someone, maybe they'll have found it again. Otherwise, go and search the place where you got it in the first place.5
Cave nightshade, that's it!5
Good, hand it over to me.4
No, no. The potion is not complete yet.4
Hmph! Suit yourself.3
Oh dear, what am I to do? The safety of this whole area is in jeopardy!3
Didn't you know that the ogres keep blue dragons as pets and for magical ingredients?3
I am sure the cave holds the final crystal. Look for the source of the shamans' power.2
It is the ogre statue I finished for you.2
That's good to hear. We are much closer to fixing the tower now.1