As you wish.1,235
Yes sir.976
What is the problem?933
His zeal in this matter is to be expected. The Royal Guard - in particular the 10th squad - are renowned for their fierce loyalty.932
I would rather not get involved. My mission is to protect you.925
You are becoming tiresome, human. As you wish.916
It is good to see you again, Caranock. It is a strange island these monkeys inhabit.906
No. After all, somebody has to look after the gliders.894
What of my human?891
Enough. Return here when you are done.888
You should stock up well on food before our journey. I can carry only enough provisions for myself.839
I am not sure. We appear to have landed where the 10th squad crashed. The number of gnome gliders is correct. Unfortunately for them, it appears that none of their gliders survived the collision.772
Of course.763
I see. What do you have in mind?753
I'd be careful of the local fauna too - I've heard the bite is far worse than any noise they make.742
This I know. But I don't see how it leads to money or promotion.737
Narnode would be furious!724
Very clever. It might also serve us well to remind Narnode of Bolren's situation.722
The human? Just somebody Narnode appears to have taken a fancy to. It is hard to tell why. I suspect the human was involved with Glough's fall from grace.715
I am now a Flight Commander. My duties include testing Glough's prototype military glider.709
Caranock and I have a suggestion to make.702
Really? Typical meddling human behaviour. Nevertheless, it will stoke fires of worry. After all, the battle still continues.700
Understood. Military gliders are after all an untested form of transport...699
Do you wish to fly right now?669
Foot soldier Lumdo of the 10th squad.665
The foot soldiers of the Royal Guard in your jail...655
I am Flight Commander Waydar. I believe you are under direct orders from your Sergeant to guard these gliders?647
You are of course welcome to your share of the profits.639
Then he can take up his issues with me personally.635
Shall we return to Crash Island?568
Greetings High Tree Guardian.427
Their standard gliders must have fallen prey to the tropical weather.426
I see. Well, there are no more demons left here.425
And greetings to you too, visitor.420
We are no closer to reinitialising sir - the code is too hard. It is likely the only person who could do it is Glough.415
I need not remind you that I outrank Garkor. As of this instant, your orders are to convey the human to the atoll and remain there until he needs to return.412
I need not remind you that I outrank Garkor. As of this instant, your orders are to convey the human to the atoll and remain there until she needs to return.222
Sorry, I am not authorised to talk to you.198
Well done on breaking the code. You should speak to the High Tree Guardian.167
The code must be entered at the red control panel just by the wall over there.126
During our descent I noticed a large populated island far to the west. I suggest we try and make our way there.92
I cannot be sure. It is a difficult code; it may happen the next instant - then again it may not.82
You could even have a go at solving the code yourself.76
If I recall correctly, which I probably do, he is Lumdo of the 10th squad. I imagine he has been left to guard their gliders.76
As Daero said, they are a prototype for a new version of glider. They are reinforced yet are built out of lighter materials. They can fly much faster and for longer.47
It is the most compact way to store them. Unfortunately, they will remain like that until they are powered. We can only fully power the hangar when reinitialisation has been completed.46
I am sure.41
Let me remind you that we are on a mission for King Narnode. We must attend to this mission.18
Hmmm... as you wish... Why are you looking at me like that?18
This is highly irregular.14
As you wish...7