Good luck down there, my friend. Remember, to the west is the main agility course, while to the east is a skullball course.1,669
Well look who it is. Damien Leucurte! I thought you didn't like to associate with our lot.479
Scared of getting mud on his pretty clothes, I bet.474
Your threats mean nothing out here Damien. There're no Drakans around to protect you.459
Ha! You think this one would get Drakan protection even if he were about? I hear Vanstrom has found out about this little side venture. Little Damien has been a very naughty boy.439
Shut up!435
A nice family of three, out for a little picnic a bit too close to the Salve.429
Well if you want more, you're welcome to cross the Salve yourself and get them.423
A week? He won't even last another day at the rate he's going!422
Yes, we are. See you around Damien.420
It's an agility course designed for lycanthropes like ourselves, my friend.420
Or not.419
You assume there's going to be a next time. I bet you don't last another week now that the Myreque are running around with vampyre-killing weapons.417
Not that Drakan protection means much these days anyway. His own brother killed by a human. How does he respond? He stays hiding in his fancy castle.415
Certainly. The cavern contains two courses - on the west side is a Level 60 Agility Course, and and the east side is a Level 25 Skullball Course.375
You can't go down there, human. If it wasn't my duty to guard this trapdoor, I would be relieving you of the burden of your life right now.364
That's none of your business, human, and I'll never tell.230
If it wasn't my duty to stand here and guard our agility course from the likes of you, I would be relieving you of your life right now.202
No ... yes ... oh blast - you didn't hear me say anything, right?187
No, human - it's werewolves only.176
There's nothing good to drink here.45
Blood's only good if there's meat to go with it.38
I'm here on business.37
My business is none of your business. Go poke your nose somewhere else.36
For you to go away.35
Don't disturb me. I need to guard the tithes.22
Escape? I'm not here to stop them escaping. I'm here to stop them getting stolen.22
Now take your stupid questions somewhere else. I have a job to do.21
You shouldn't be here, slave. Go back to your master before you get yourself killed.12