Got anything you want me to crush?811
Hand it to me, and I'll get to work. I charge 50 coins per item.303
All kinds of things! Unicorn horns, goat horns, blue dragon scales and much more besides. Hand me your stuff, and I'll try to crush it. I charge 50 coins per item.76
No, that's not the sort of thing I like crushing.39
I'm Wesley. I used to work on a big ship, exploring the world with my mother, but then I didn't get on very well at the fleet's training school, so I quit all that.33
So I moved to Nardah and took up this job crushing stuff instead. It's always been a passion of mine, crushing things. I'm a lot happier now.32
The world is so much simpler when you're crushing. You know you just have to grind for long enough until you get the job done. It might take hours, but you just grind until you're done.30
Sorry, I charge 50 coins per item.14
I'm not very good at Herblore, so you'll only get 3 shards from lava scales that I crush. You might get more if you do it yourself.2