Hey! Leave them alone! My dad Steve will beat you up unless a Slayer Master has given you special permission.2,817
I ain't no little boy. Me dad, Steve, said I was big enough to take care of these 'ere wyverns, as the pal- palint-palintililiolog- those blokes from the museum are too scared of them.440
Yeah, whatever. I know how to look after myself, my entire family are slayer guardians or something like that.181
To guard the wyverns of course.153
From people like you who just want to kill 'em.150
They have lives too. They were created for a purpose. But whatever, you can only kill these ones if the Slayer Masters say you can.148
I'm Weve, son of Steve.103
Well, it's kinda a family tradition you might say. Plus I'm good at looking after wyverns and fast enough to weave between their legs and not get hurt.99