Hey %USERNAME%, you finally got around to naming me.1
I'm getting on a bit, but I feel like there's plenty of life in me yet.1
We're in the port's ratpits so let's go fighting.1
A little older than I was before and not as old as I will be in another bit.1
Well your idea of time and mine are too different for either of us to understand the other.1
Well for one I don't count the time I spend in your bank - which is horribly boring nor in your bag.1
I'm just getting started. Now there is also a difference in cat years and human years. To approximate time in cat years you take a value in years subtract 1 multiply it by 4 and then add 16.1
I said approximate not calculate. Anyway it only works once the cat is 1 year old. Anyway the last complication is the discrepancy of rune years and earth years, which to date nobody has worked out.1
Uh.. I don't know. I must be so old now that I've forgotten what age I am.1