Good! Good! My potion is nearly ready! Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble!1,165
Now we shows them ours magic! Hold on tight!1,026
Certainly! We helps those that helps poor Winelda!41
Hehe! We see you're in a pickle!36
Wants to be getting over the nasty lava do we?34
I'm knowing some magic trickesses! I could get over easy as that!28
Don't tell them! They always come! They pester poor Winelda!27
See! They pester Winelda!27
Good! Don't pester! Help!27
Get Winelda 20 limpwurt roots for my pot.25
Then we shows them some magic!25
Mocking us are we? Clever one aren't we?23
Have you got roots for poor Winelda?6
We needs 20 rooteses!6
Hehe! Ye'll come back! They always come back!2