Here, solve this.1,309
Well done %USERNAME%. Here you go.1,302
Certainly I miss home cooking, but gnomes are also fundamentally curious people. I'm here exploring the furthest reaches of the world for the King.153
Sophanem is a curious place, if you can get into the blighted place. There are several pyramids round here as well. Fascinating architecture, I've heard stories that some of them contain treasure tombs and mummies.136
This will hit the spot. Oh yes. Thanks.135
Cats seem to have considerable importance round here, they certainly seem tied into their religion. The Gods round here seem very alien to me - I've never heard of them before.122
You must have had to travel a long way to get this to me. Here's a little something extra as a tip.117
That doesn't look solved to me.20
Please make yourself some space, I have something for you.10
Here, take these Grand Seed pods. Very useful in emergencies!7
I was given this odd device, maybe you can do something with it.7
Now that I have some proper food, I won't need this any more.4
Gnomish mint cake is a great source of energy for the gnome traveller. It will give you that extra bit of zip when you are running out of steam.1
I need all the mint cake I have, I'm afraid.1