That evil witch put me in here! She kidnapped me!35
She wanted the secret of my ogleroots, so she did!35
Well now, I have perfected a spell that would grow an ogleroot to an enormous size.33
You know, I had the very same problem so I came up with a simple solution. I used a spell I learned from a chap called Larry to shrink 'em down really small so that I could carry whole bags filled with 'em to the31
Well that old witch - she's a sly one, I tell you. She found out about my spell and kidnapped me along with my bags of ogleroots.30
She wants the secret of the spell but I ain't talking! No sir! So she's been feeding my mini-ogleroots to those ugly...things over there.29
Not yet, no. And I still ain't telling her. But from what I gather, she's started to use them ogleroots in some of her potions for something. I don't know what, though.29
market place.28
Then when I got there, I would use the growing spell once more to make 'em huge and sell 'em for a tidy sum.28
No, it's ok. I want to keep an eye on what the witch is up to down here with these odd creatures.28
Yes, I'll be fine for now. Good luck with your tasks!28