Great, you'll go far! I made some nice painted metal toys for you, snookums.956
Oh, forget it, then. If you won't react to kindness, I'm back to luring infants into my oven. You'll have it on your conscience.956
Hello, hello, my poppet. What brings you to my little room?955
Don't worry, deary, I can tell you just what to do and you won't have to worry your pretty head about the complicated bits.955
I went to anger management classes, my lambkin; that's why I was treating you so kindly. It's either this way of talking or I'll go back to shoving children into ovens.955
Where has Greldo got to with that magic cabbage!915
My potion!912
The invincibility potion is almost ready...864
Hopefully Greldo with the cabbage... yes, look here it co....NOOOOOoooo!813
It's taken me FIVE YEARS, but it's almost ready.760
It's a specially grown cabbage grown by my cousin Helda who lives in Draynor Manor.699
Just bring me 5 iron bars, though, and you're well on the way to never having to talk to me again.692
Go to the iron mine just north-east of Rimmington and hit the bar with a plain old smithing hammer while facing north. Then take your new magnet to Ava. Poor girl, having to deal with whippersnappers like you.688
The soil there is slightly magical and it gives the cabbages slight magical properties.... 664
Now remember Greldo, only a Draynor Manor cabbage will do! Don't get lazy and bring any old cabbage, THAT would ENTIRELY wreck the potion!664
...not to mention the trees!663
Greldo the Goblin here is just going to fetch the last ingredient for me.631
Hello my ickle...oh, it's you. What do you want?81
Clearly not.70
Hello there, deary. Don't worry; I'm friendly.70
You were sent to try my patience, weren't you? Go away and make that magnet, then hand it to Ava.68
Well, my sisters used to live here but folk kept on killing them. A terrible affair, it was. I knew that no one would want to kill a chatty old dear like me, though.66
We still have a terrible problem with local louts, though. Poisoning my fish, spilling my compost all over the place and causing a nuisance for the dear count.64
I'm sure a nice young sort like you won't be any trouble, though. In any case, the Professor will soon share the secret of chickenisation with me... Not that I'd use it these days of course.60
Hoorah for you, you have the magnet. Just hand it over to Ava. I'm working on my new recipe for spit- roast adventurer, so disturbing me isn't wise.23
Hello my ickle...oh, it's you. Can you come back later?6
It's RUINED! All that work, FIVE years down the drain, who was it! I'll find them and when I do....5
'The CAT'? She's not 'THE CAT'! 5
Oh, but sugarpie, I need 5 iron bars, you don't have any. Come back to me quickly with all 5 of them.4
Oh, but sugarpie, I need 5 iron bars, you don't have enough. Come back to me quickly with all 5 of them.3
SAVE some of it? Are you mad!? That cabbage was a normal cabbage, it spoilt the whole thing and now I have to start all over again!2
She's Maemi... aren't you dear....2
I can't say I didn't expect this; you'd lose your head if it weren't glued on. Lucky I made some replacements. Take this one and leave me in peace.1