We're going away to leave you now.17
We're going away to leave you now,17
Hoorah, me boys, we're homeward bound.16
Goodbye, fare thee well, Goodbye, fare thee well,15
She is close now... so close14
So close I can almost hear her.14
. . .14
Well, hello there...13
Have you seen a group of lads around here?13
That's strange; we are supposed to be helping the Mayor today.13
Aye lad, it's not bad.12
Ah well, never mind. I'm sure I'll find them soon.12
Are you with us?11
Welcome to our little village.10
Pray, stay a while.10
You are not with us.10
The family grows...9
What is happening to the people in this town?9
Soon we will all be together...8
Hmm? Oh, hello there.7
It's nothing stranger. No need to concern yourself.7
I mean, why are people acting so strange?6
Huh? Oh, hello.6
Uh? No... I, Uh, don't feel so good.6
Can you believe they did this to us?5
People I've know for years are acting like they've never met me.5
I think something bad is about to happen.5
I'm sorry, I'm too afraid to speak right now. Goodbye5
Hmm? Oh... I, Uh, don't remember.5
What? Oh. Right. Yes.5
Can you see it?5
The light, the hot bright light.5
It is all around us. Scalding, burning, blinding light.5
Ye mariners all, as ye pass by,5
Soon now... So soon...4
I mean, what did they think would happen?4
Building that whacking great Fishing Platform just off the coast.4
Dratted thing stole all of our trade.4
I'm sorry, I'm too angry to speak right now. Goodbye4
You! You did it!3
Come in and drink if you are dry,3
Come spend, me lads, your money brisk,3
And pop your nose in a jug of this.3
We fooled you easily enough.3
Aye lass, it's not bad.3
You killed him!2
Our Prince, you killed our Prince.2
Leave us alone.2
Ahh, our saviour.2
Do not worry, soon your regret will be gone.2
All in good time.2
Free. She is free...2
The mother is free.2
The stars are almost right.2
With our nets and gear we're faring,2
It's there on the deep that we harvest and reap our bread,2
Aye lad, and sing it every day we did.2
No need lad, it not be your fault.2
What have you got to be so cheerful about?1
Ha! Try worrying about how you feed a family with no job. Then tell me how nice the day is!1
On the wild and wasteful ocean,1
As we hunt the bonny shoals of herring.1
'Till the Fishing Platform came and ruined everything.1