Hello there. My name is Cromperty. I am a Wizard, and an inventor.7,167
You must be %USERNAME%. My good friend Sedridor has told me about you. As both wizard and inventor, he has aided me in my great invention!5,587
There you go, 100 free pure essence. Return tomorrow for some more.4,242
Ah! My latest invention is my patent pending teleportation block! It emits a low level magical signal, that will allow me to locate it anywhere in the world, and teleport anything2,473
By all means! I'm afraid I can't give you any specifics as to where you will come out however. Presumably wherever the other block is located.2,111
Okey dokey! Ready?2,029
directly to it! I hope to revolutionise the entire teleportation system! Don't you think I'm great? Uh, I mean it's great?1,965
There you go, 150 free pure essence. Return tomorrow for some more.1,619
Here you go.1,414
Your magical prowess... it is most impressive.1,269
Take the scroll, the Holy Grail and a piece of granite, any amount will do, to the statue of King Arthur. Once in front of him, read the scroll and the magic should do the rest.1,112
Great! Just what I needed! Now I need to give you a spell scroll to help bring Petra back again.1,112
Just cast this in the room, it should have her out of that rock in a jiffy! Good luck with your, where was I with that wranklin severance device...1,112
Well, that should still get you into the fortress, but I imagine you'll need a better disguise than that to reach King Arthur. He's a very important person and will be well guarded by the Black Knights.1,107
Hmm...I wonder...if you used a magical object that turned you into stone on the statue, would it turn him back to being human? I must research that...1,102
Why would he want to be a statue?1,100
Oh yes, I see now. Why are you telling me all this?1,097
Oh, well, I don't know anything about rocks. I'm a teleportation expert, myself. But there was this one time I teleported a girl right into a rock. What a mess that was.1,097
Oh were you? Of course you were. Well, I suppose being turned into a statue is very similar to being teleported into a rock. Let me see what we'll need.1,097
Well, before you were simply reanimating the person within the rock. This time you need to unravel Morgan Le Faye's spell first.1,094
You'll need King Arthur's most prized possession. That will unravel Morgan's spell. Then you'll need a piece of granite, the same rock Arthur was turned into.1,093
Let me just get that spell scroll for you...1,093
Oh dear, it's such a bother getting them back out of the rock walls and I do loathe the trip to Port Khazard for the components.909
Well, it's not the first time someone's been teleported into a rock face, just the slightest miscalculation and bang...they're in the wall! 908
Eh! 904
Waaahaaay! Great! I'd never suspect you'd be so helpful!900
Of course know...the sooner you start the sooner you can get back...that's all I was saying.898
If my calculations are correct, this spell will need a bit more 'oomph' than last time around.767
Where is King Arthur being kept, anyway?760
Oh, are you still here? Go on then, you've got a king to save!757
There you go, 250 free pure essence. Return tomorrow for some more.755
Don't underestimate them.743
What? I have no clue what you're talking about! Now, please excuse me! I need to get back to my experiments!708
You need to talk to a chap called Tindel Marchant in Port Khazard, he's sort of like an antiques dealer. 706
It's fairly straightforward to cast a spell and fish them out again - but it requires a spell component from a chap in Port Khazard.642
Just one small favour? Pop along to Port Khazard and get some iron oxide, it's a component of the spell.633
I don't suppose you could do me a small favour could you?620
Well, off you go then! A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step and all that!571
Well... Hmm. I would guess somewhere between here and the Wizards' Tower in Misthalin. All I know is that it hasn't got there yet as the wizards there would have contacted me.451
There you go.435
I'm using the GPDT for delivery. They assured me it would be delivered promptly.393
Oh, it looks like you still have the scroll I gave you.334
I've already given you your free allowance for today. Come back to me tomorrow for some more.290
Why hello, %USERNAME%, what can I do for you?238
The Gielinor Parcel Delivery Team. They come very highly recommended. Their motto is: 'We aim to deliver your stuff at some point after you have paid us!'206
Not when you combine them it isn't! I invent MAGIC things!185
Take the scroll, the Holy Grail and a piece of granite, of any size, shape or weight, to the statue of King Arthur. Once in front of him, read the scroll and the magic should do the rest.174
How should I know, I'm just a simple wizard.124
Well, King Arthur's statue wouldn't be trusted to mere guards. Only fully-fledged Black Knights will guard it. So you'll need to disguise yourself as one of them if you want to get access to the statue.122
However, from what you said about having to wear a helm and chainmail, it sounds like you were disguised as a mere guard.97
Yes it is isn't it? Forgive me for feeling a little smug, this is a major breakthrough in the field of teleportation!61
As you wish.43
Hey, I have something for you but you don't have any space for it!34
Return when you have space in your inventory for your daily allowance of free essence.22
Thanks for dropping by! Stop again anytime!18
Go to Port Khazard and get me some iron oxide from Tindel Marchant.15
Oh dear, what a shame...I just don't have time to deal with this now...she's safe where she is for now, and I'm sure I'll get to it sooner or later.6
Hmmm.... that's odd... I can't seem to get a signal...5
I suspected that you can have one, but it will cost you 100 gold pieces.4
Thanks...try not to lose it this time.4
You don't have enough room for me to give you the scroll.4
Well, I thought you were going to use that spell I gave you to free Petra from the rock face?3
There you go, 2%USERNAME% free pure essence. Return tomorrow for some more.1