Do you like my magic Zombies? Feel free to kill them, there's plenty more where these came from!1,154
He's not going to have you doing any of the actual spellcasting for it. You'll probably just have to collect some weird item from him and take it to the Colony.1,026
If you don't want to continue the quest, just walk away and think no more about it. But I'm sure you won't have to do anything evil or unnatural yourself.1,026
An army, heh? But I haven't GOT an army!1,017
What? This is a combat training facility, not a library! My magic zombies are not for loan.1,015
I'm jolly well not lending them an army! If I did that for you, I'd have to do that for everyone, and I'd never get a moment's peace again!1,015
Actually that does seem rather harsh...1,014
Now, you mustn't breathe a word of this to Zavistic or Distentor upstairs, but I know a man who could help you get an army.1,014
No, his work is completely different. He's a necromancer.1,014
Excellent. His name's Malignius Mortifer. You'll find him somewhere south of Falador.1,011
Hah! Necromancers aren't helpful people. I don't know of many - most guild wizards won't have anything to do with their practices. I think Malignius will help only because he loves showing off his powers.1,010
I have an idea!718
So what's it to be?714
Oho? Very well, young man, what can I do for you?709
Oho? Very well, young lady, what can I do for you?310
You can't attack the Zombies in the room, my Zombies are for magic target practice only and should be attacked from the other side of the fence.149
Please - let's not talk about it. Distentor and Zavistic would get very annoyed if they found I'd sent you to a necromancer.19
Oh yes. Now, you mustn't mention this to Zavistic or Distentor, but he's a necromancer.13
%USERNAME%? Have you spoken to Malignius Mortifer?11
He'll probably still be wandering around south of Falador whenever you do want to speak to him.11
Understandable. But if you ever change your mind, just come and ask me.8