You have done well, %USERNAME%!3,404
Give me a quest what?1,341
Well seeing as you asked nicely... I could do with some help.1,153
Are you saying that you stole my beads all this time and I've been blaming these imps!?845
Bah! Fine.841
The wizard Grayzag next door decided he didn't like me so he enlisted an army of hundreds of imps.839
Give them here and I'll check that they really are MY beads, before I give you your reward. You'll like it, it's an amulet of accuracy.794
These imps have now spread out all over the kingdom. Could you get my beads back for me?777
But they stole my four magical beads. There was a red one, a yellow one, a black one, and a white one.771
These imps stole all sorts of my things. Most of these things I don't really care about, just eggs and balls of string and things.764
So how are you doing finding my beads?317
That's great, thank you.290
Ah now you're assuming I have one to give.111
You don't seem to have one of each coloured bead on you at the moment. Return when you have a black, white, yellow and red in your backpack!98
Or else what? You'll attack me? 55
I have a few spare. I'd like one of each coloured bead again in return, though! Black, white, yellow and red.48
No, everything is good with the world today.40
I don't think so, the type of magic I study involves years of meditation and research.39
Come back when you have them all. The colour of the four beads that I need are red, yellow, black, and white. Go chase some imps!36
Very well. See you soon!34
Well get on with it. I've lost a white bead, a red bead, a black bead, and a yellow bead. Go kill some imps!14
You don't want to know. Take care!8
Well if you're not interested in the quests I have to give you, don't waste my time by asking me for them.1