I come from troll town called Weiss, up in cold mountains to the north. We heard of trolls here, an' wanted to meet.780
It good to meet you, %USERNAME%. Burntmeat tells me you very helpful human.660
That correct. You find boat and go to Weiss by sea instead. Wolfbone tell you the way...617
Our chief, Mother, want to trade. Weiss trolls invented stuff maybe these trolls want. An' maybe these trolls invented stuff we want in Weiss.590
So Mother want these trolls to send ambassador up to Weiss, maybe teach us their inventions, an' in return I teach Weiss inventions here.574
How are things at Weiss?94
I t'ink you here to see Burntmeat. Other cooks not seem so talkative.70
So My Arm taught Weiss the farming knowledge of the Stronghold trolls. Now Stronghold trolls can be given firemaking knowledge from Weiss, like I promised.62
Give it to Burntmeat. He can teach trolls what they want to know from it.61
Odd Mushroom invented lots of clever stuff with Snowflake. Might be handy for Stronghold trolls.33
Yes, I have learnt a lot here from my friend Burntmeat, and he has let me prepare a reward for you myself.31
You again so soon, %USERNAME%?27
I plan to stay here, in the Stronghold, with my friend Burntmeat, but it good to hear of my home. Thank you.24
He better get to Weiss soon. Mother not like being kept waiting.19
Eh, maybe not. I not think this human quite what we need here.11
Oh. You hurry up, human. Mother not like being kept waiting.10
Has the My Arm troll set off for Weiss yet?9
It is good that Snowflake has taken over from her father, Mother. She is much smarter, and will rule well.4