Oh thank you, you have freed me!1,044
Oh, I am but a poor maiden kidnapped by the evil Solus!1,044
But you chased him so hard, that now I am free...1,043
You're burning the food! We need that food!480
We'll starve without it though! You can't do this!461
I'll make sure everyone hears about this!453
Come back to me soon and we can talk again about trees!359
Eeek! What is it?243
It's all very well the duke signing a peace treaty with those creatures. Maybe that'll stop them attacking us.234
A cave goblin? Well, there goes the neighbourhood!194
But for them to come wandering around the surface and mixing with decent people? I don't know, what's the world coming to?181
Oh, they may say they're civilised, but they're still goblins. You can't trust them. The only reason they're not a threat is that they're so stupid.167
Bah, those mourners... they're meant to be helping us, but I think they're doing more harm here than good. They won't even let me send a letter out to my family.75
How can I help you?52
I'm fine, how are you?50
An outsider! Can you get me out of this hell hole?45
Who are you?40
We don't have good days here anymore. Curse King Tyras.38
I'm very well thank you.34
Ah, a very noble profession.34
Go away. People from the outside shut us in like animals. I have nothing to say to you.26
Not too bad thanks.26
Yes. Part of the wall collapsed.26
Get out of my way, I'm in a hurry!25
Well that's a different question. No, I don't.25
Hello there! Nice weather we've been having.22
His army curses our city with this plague then wanders off again, leaving us to clear up the pieces.22
No. What happened in the cellar?19
I don't know. I just hope the rest of the castle isn't going to collapse!18
I'm sorry I can't help you there.18
No, I have nothing I wish to get rid of. If you want to do some trading, there are plenty of shops and market stalls around though.17
... whassup?17
Not too bad, but I'm a little worried about the increase of goblins these days.16
Good heavens! You'd better find out what happened!16
Life is tough.15
... see... two of you... why there two of you?14
... no, two of you... you can't count... ... maybe you drunk too much...14
... giant hairy cabbages...14
None of your business.12
Good! I know we're safe in your hands.12
I'm a little worried - I've heard there's lots of people going about, killing citizens at random.11
You Mourners... are meant to be helping us, but you're doing more harm here than good. You won't even let me send a letter out to my family.11
That's what you all say!11
You better watch your back, Mourner!10
Just think of me next time you're in a dark alley! Because I'll be waiting for you.10
Do you require any assistance?10
It just makes me uncomfortable, is all. What if I was in bed and some horrible little goblin poked its head up through the floor?10
I'm busy right now.9
Plague? Pah, that's no excuse for the treatment we've received. It's obvious pretty quickly if someone has the plague.9
I'm thinking about making a break for it. I'm perfectly healthy, not gonna infect anyone.9
I've heard there are many fearsome creatures that dwell under the ground...8
I don't know, what will be next? Cave goblins LIVING up here? Taking our jobs? I wouldn't want my daughter to marry a goblin!8
What rudeness! This is why they say goblins have no manners!7
Do I know you? I'm in a hurry!6
No, I don't want to buy anything!5
I guess it's not all bad down here. At least we have a pub.5
Go away. You Mourners helped the people from the outside shut us in like animals. I have nothing to say to you.5
Goblins wandering around Lumbridge and talking to the duke like they're normal people? I don't know what the world's coming to.5
I think we need a new king. The one we've got isn't very good.5
Keep away from me you dirty goblin!5
No I don't have any spare change.4
You cave goblins... don't you, you know, eat people?4
Lighting fires in an enclosed space is probably not a good idea. Oh well.3
Oh, I've got nothing against goblins in their own place. I just don't think they ought to be wandering around in our city and making the place look bad.3
Ah, I suppose someone has to do it.3
That is classified information.3
I've not heard of her. Old Jethick knows a lot of people, maybe he'll know where you can find her.3
Oh! Well, that's all right then.3
I'll leave this place one day. You'll see.3
Not too bad, crazy to think that there wasn't actually a plague after all.2
I don't trust that fish monger.2
You'll all pay for what you've done to us, Mourner scum.2
Pretty good. We might finally be able to make a life here now.2
Yes, I've seen her. Very helpful person.1
Not for the last few days though... I thought maybe she'd gone home.1
Oh I'm not one to cause a fuss.1
The mourners are gone but things are still awful here. The new king has a lot of work to do if he ever wants to see this place flourish.1
Well, ain't much either you or me can do about it.1
Yo, wassup!1
I like our king, he's keeping the poor and infected away from us decent folk.1
I'm a little worried I've heard there's lots of people going about, killing citizens at random.1
Sorry Sir, I'm in a hurry!1
Not too bad. Things are starting to look up now that the mourners have gone.1
Not great. The mourners might be gone but this city is still a long way from bring a nice place to live again.1
Can't you just leave me alone.1
I'm good thanks. They're going to repair my roof soon, I can't remember the last time I had a roof.1
Have this flier...1
I've managed to find myself some work. Lots of repair work to do to get this city back up and running again.1
I have nothing to say to you Mourner, go away!1