As you're already here, have an axe so that you can chop the trees around me.643
As you get better and better you'll find that you can chop trees such as Maple and Yew! These are very good for firemaking.374
Wow! It's not often I meet somebody as accomplished as you in Woodcutting! Perhaps you should become the tutor, instead of me! Seeing as you're so skilled, maybe you are interested in buying a Skillcape of351
Anybody who has spent as much time cutting trees as you deserves the right to own one. Wearing this cape will increase your chance of finding bird's nests. That'll be 99000 coins, please.280
Excellent! Wear that cape with pride my friend.186
Of course, they're also very useful for fletching.158
Also, look out for birds' nests, you never know what our feathered friends have been collecting. Jewellery and Clue scrolls maybe?77
When you see a likely looking tree, appreciate its beauty, then simply click on it to chop it down.69
When you have a full inventory of logs, you have a choice. You can take it to the bank, there's one on the roof of the castle in Lumbridge, or you can burn them.69
Ah, you've lost your tinderbox have you? Have another!57
Click on your tinderbox, then click on one of the logs in your inventory, this will attempt to light a fire that you can use for cooking.53
Well, go chop down a few mahogany trees and sell the timber; then you'll be able to afford one.50
Also, look out for birds' nests, you never know what our feathered friends have been collecting. Clue scrolls maybe?39
This is a Skillcape of Woodcutting, wearing one increases your chance of finding bird's nests. Only a person who has achieved the highest possible level in a skill can wear one.37
Now, if you're looking for quests, head over to the Monastery south of Ardougne and find Brother Omad to investigate the theft of a blanket.34
As you progress in your combat skill you will find you can wield your woodcutting axe as a weapon, it's not very effective, but it frees up a slot for another log.34
I could show you on your map if you would like?23
Choose carefully where and what you chop, you can get different trees in different places throughout the land.16
Most certainly, and free of charge!12
Make sure you hang on to your logs, don't throw them away as you can get valuable firemaking experience from them! Look out for other things too...11
Watch out for the tree spirits, they really don't like you chopping trees, they can really do some damage if you're not paying attention...10
Ok, come back to me if you change your mind.9
Greetings, Zanik! Listen to the wind in the trees...8
Shall I show you how to chop trees and make fires then?6
Of course! What did you think they were?5
How about you, %USERNAME%?5
Hollow trees can be found in the Haunted Woods east of Canifis, but be careful of the leeches.3
Don't forget you can always use logs for fletching experience too.3
Yes, you'll need lots of logs if you want to be a good fletcher. Talk to the ranging tutor for more information.2
I'd give you an axe to chop trees with but you don't have room in your inventory.2
I can't sell you one here. Try talking to me later.1
Well, come back and see me when you do.1