Whut you want?481
So? Why should I be giving it to you? What you do for Wormbrain?328
Me not stoopid, it worth at least 10,000 coins!170
Ha! Me in here and you out dere. You not get map piece.140
Fank you very much! Now me can bribe da guards, hehehe.129
Me not sure. Me pick some stuff up and take it away.84
Be dat way then.83
Oh, right.73
Fine, you not get map piece.19
We rob house of stupid wizard. She very old, not put up much fight at all. Hahaha!17
Her house full of pictures of a city on island and old pictures of people. Me not recognise island.17
But, by the time me get box open, other goblins gone. Then me not run fast enough and guards catch me.17
Me find map piece. Me not know what it is, but it in locked box so me figure it important.14
But now you want map piece so must be special! What you do for me to get it?14
Comes back when you has enough.7
You stupid human, you not have enough inventory space.1