Cheers. When I get back on my feet, there's gonna be one sorry lizardman out there.43,567
Thanks for the medpack. I'm feeling a lot better now.42,784
Thanks. Hopefully I'll be back patrolling the city again soon.34,441
I'm alright now. Try another soldier.7,112
Got a medpack? I feel terrible.6,789
Gimme a medpack - I need my strength back.6,182
Those ruffians hit me pretty hard. Have you got a medpack?5,830
While you're here, you could help the war effort by fetching medpacks for my sick comrades. There'll be some in the storage tents outside.2,792
Those lizardmen gotta die! Ya hear me? I want them all dead! All of 'em!2,556
We'll never keep on top of the crime in this city at this rate. Maybe you could help deal with some gangsters while you're in Kourend.2,382
Lizardman bite. There's always a fever after you've been bitten by one of those. I'm sure they don't clean their teeth.228
What happened to me is nothing compared to what's gonna happen to the filthy lizardman who did it. When I'm out of here, I'm gonna find him and fix him good.212
Gangsters. I was on patrol in the docklands, but those Piscarilius scumbags lured me into an alley and hit me with a stick.162
Try looking in the storage tents outside.40