Well, you're keen, I'll give you that. Okay, I'll give you a go. Have you got your own white apron?1,098
Wow - you are well prepared! You're hired. Go through to the back and tidy up for me, please.970
Hey, you can't go in there. Only employees of the grocery store can go in.690
Welcome to my food store! Would you like to buy anything?637
Is it nice and tidy round the back now?160
Well, you can't work here unless you have a white apron. Health and safety regulations, you understand.124
Can you put your white apron on before going in there, please?119
Well, I get all of mine over at the clothing shop in Varrock. They sell them cheap there.117
Oh, and I'm sure that I've seen a spare one over in Gerrant's fish store somewhere. It's the little place just north of here.95
You need to put your white apron on first though.52
No, I'm the one who works here.40
Umm... No, not yet.37
We have this really exotic fruit all the way from Karamja. It's called a banana.30
Ah well, it'll give you something to do, won't it.18
Yes, of course.14
Well, it's your choice, but I do recommend them.9
Great. You might as well take a look at the rest of my wares as well.8