I'm the head gardener around here. If you're looking for woad leaves, or if you need help with owt, I'm yer man.2,896
How much are you willing to pay?2,636
If I'm not mistaken, you've got some body parts from a big mole there! I'll trade it for bird nests if ye likes. Or was ye wantin' some woad leaves instead?2,246
Okay, that's more than fair.1,932
Here, have two, you're a generous person.1,487
Here, have this.1,109
Mmmm... okay, that sounds fair.425
I'll be around if you have any more gardening needs.363
No no, that's far too little. Woad leaves are hard to get. I used to have plenty but someone kept stealing them off me.230
That's a nice thing to say. I do need a hand, now you mention it. You see, there's some stupid mole digging up my lovely garden.100
Ah, well this is no ordinary mole! He's a big'un for sure. Ya see... I'm always relied upon to make the most of this 'ere garden - the faster and bigger I can grow plants the better!92
If ya are willing maybe yer wouldn't mind killing it for me? Take a spade and use it to shake up them mole hills. Be careful though, he really is big!80
havoc he causes to my patches of sunflowers! Why, if any of the other gardeners knew about this mole, I'd be looking for a new job in no time!79
Well, if yer gets any mole skin or mole claws off 'un, I'd trade 'em for bird nests if ye brings 'em here to me.78
In my quest for perfection I looked into 'Malignius- Mortifer's-Super-Ultra-Flora-Growth-Potion'. It worked well on my plants, no doubt about it! But it had the same effect on a nearby mole. Ya can imagine the76
Fair enough.29
Ye might need a bit more inventory space first, just to be on the safe side.20