Greetings human. Do you seek guidance?72
This is our home. In your tongue, it is known as Mount Karuulm.42
I am Xorrah quo Sihar. I am one of the mystics of the Kahlith.39
Yes. At one time we were like you, but then we met the Tasakaal. They taught us to have purpose. They taught us to serve the balance.30
Our old lives were left behind. In their place, the Kahlith were born.30
For every death, there must be life. For every life, there must be a death. This is the balance.28
Our purpose, as taught to us by the Tasakaal, is to keep this balance, no matter the cost.28
Yes. You speak the language of humans but we Kahlith have our own language.22
In the past, we have tried to teach our language to your kind. However, despite the simplicity of our tongue, success was limited.22
We find that it is easier to just use your language when your kind are around.22
Our teachers. They showed us the way and taught us to serve the balance.21
Of our language?19
Well you'll find our language is quite a simple one. Our names are a good example of how it is used.19
I am Xorrah quo Sihar. The first word, 'Xorrah', is unique to me and it is how I can be identified.19
The second word, 'quo', is a basic Kahlith word that translates to 'the' in your language.19
The final word, 'Sihar', is my title. There are four possible titles, one for each role in Kahlith society. My title translates to 'Mystic' in your tongue.19
Yes. All Kahlith serve the balance. To do this, we take on one of four roles.9
My role is that of a mystic. I learn from the Tasakaal and then pass on their teachings.9