Certainly! Let me have a look at what he has written here, just give me a moment... 784
Yes, that all appears in order. Tell Olaf to come to me next time for shoes!599
Well, I don't usually have many shoes in stock here in my little clothes shop... I will be able to make you up a pair if you are really desperate though?476
Oh, that foolish bard... Why didn't he just ask me to make him some? It is his stupid pride, I believe!472
Hi. You wanted to buy some clothes? Or did you want to makeover your shoes?426
I will tell you what I will do outerlander; I know that you must have the ear of the chieftain for him to consider you as worthy of becoming a Fremennik by trial.377
I will make you a pair of sturdy boots for Olaf if you will persuade him to reduce the sales tax placed upon all Fremennik shopkeepers. It does nothing but hurt my business now.341
It costs 500 coins to change your shoe colour. Just select what colour you would like from this catalogue, and then give me the 500 gold when you've picked.335
Hey! They look great!297
Nice choice!285
I think they suit you!283
Good call!277
No... sorry, I don't.53
No, sorry, I'm not. Best look elsewhere outerlander.33
Sorry! It costs 500 coins to change your shoe colour and you don't have that much on you.31
Yes I do outerlander. Only the Chieftain may permit such a thing. Talk to him.13
That's ok! Just come back when you do have it!11
Maybe if you pass your trial and become a full fledged member of the Fremennik...6
As you wish.2
I'm sorry outerlander, I cannot sell you any clothes. Our customs forbid it.1