I just think...756
You cannot be serious? Even if %USERNAME% has proven their worth as you claim, which I have my doubts about, they'll never be deemed worthy enough to unlock Seren's hidden knowledge.756
You! What are you doing here?754
Exactly! If Seren created a way for the seals to be destroyed, she would have made it so that only an elf could break them.752
I... Well of course not.749
Traitor? You dare call me a traitor? Your loyalties change more than the wind and you have the nerve to say I'm the traitor?746
You fool of a human! I may not agree much with the other rebels but everything I've done has been to stop Lord Iorwerth!731
Well now that you've ruined everything as usual, I suppose I'd better tell you.725
That's right you idiot! Iestin here has been providing me with information on the Iorwerth clan. Not only that, he is the reason why you were able to claim that Orb of Light.710
He'll know how to get in... He just needs to reclaim the orb! We need to get to Lletya now!663
Great... Dwarves... I hate dwarves.654
But nothing! Now go!613
So he claims...607
If it helps with your overinflated ego, then yes, I now believe you.595
Lord Iorwerth took everything from me! My whole life was destroyed by him and that dog, Essyllt! Do you really think I'd join up with them?569
But who was responsible? Who cursed our people?555
This is Iestin Edern, head of research for Lord Iorwerth, and my informant within the Iorwerth clan.552
Truth? You don't know the meaning of the word!550
You don't know? What do you mean you don't know?548
Do you believe his claims?541
Your days as an informant are done. You're coming with us. Now we need to move!536
Not to mention the fact that it kept Iestin safe from any informants that Lord Iorwerth might have among the rebels.526
When did he find out?520
You're a menace. You claim you're here to help, but everywhere you go you leave a trail of bodies behind.519
I am, what of it human?518
The other human? I think she's by the pond to the south west. Now if you'll excuse me...518
I see, so now I'm meant to follow the orders of a human.517
Make no mistake human, you may have Arianwyn and the others fooled but I know what you are.517
By Seren! How?514
That's not possible.502
Where's Baxtorian? Where's the orb?500
And that's it? This gives us nothing to go on.492
But without access to the Grand Library, we have no way to be sure.489
You're not suggesting we restore the city are you? Even if we could, Lord Iorwerth would instantly take it.489
No. I have other things to do anyway.470
Dammit! Right, you two go with Elena and help the citizens. I'll find Baxtorian.466
Let me guess, you're going to send your favourite human.464
My actions benefit us all! Now that we know where the orb is, we can move to claim it.456
Seren was our goddess, she would never curse us. How dare you suggest otherwise!455
Baxtorian is gone though, even if he knew something, he can't help us now.453
That's the other thing I found out. Lord Iorwerth knows we managed to enter the library. He fears the orb would not be safe behind the walls.452
You trust the human with this?449
I have my methods...448
Save your suspicions for someone who cares.447
Regardless of his intentions, Lord Iorwerth is our enemy. You should want to kill him, not reason with him.440
This is a lie! It has to be! The human is showing their true colours once again!439
Before you interrupted, Iestin was about to give me some news. Go ahead Iestin.438
Well luckily for us, I know exactly where it is. There's a cave just north of the Iorwerth Camp that is used to store supplies. Lord Iorwerth has it under close guard there.430
Because I went scouting.429
Well look at you with your moral high ground.429
The shrine at Gorlah was empty. The orb was removed quite a while ago by the looks of things.427
I gave myself permission. I do not serve you, Baxtorian, or anyone else here.427
Selfish? How dare you! You know nothing of the plight of the elves, girl. You'd do well to keep your mouth shut!424
The temple was already secure. All this uprising has achieved is to anger the enemy.417
I care about keeping our people alive, Islwyn!416
Anyway, I'll come to this meeting, I'm in no place to deny Arianwyn. Just stay out of my way from here on out.411
If we were truly tied to Seren, we'd have all dropped dead when she was shattered! The curse clearly doesn't exist!408
Nice of you to suddenly speak up! I'd have thought a king would command a bit of authority rather than crying in the corner!402
Well thank Seren for that! You only managed to lose the entire kingdom to Lord Iorwerth!400
You can start by locking this human up. They are a traitor! The curse is clearly a lie!397
I have respect! I respect the heroes who died in this war, not the coward that ran away from it!394
What is this? What have you done?393
You're our leader! Lead!391
Why are we still stood here? This human needs putting in chains!389
Crawl back into the hole you came from Lord Iorwerth, you won't leave here with that orb!376
I will go. I wish to see some actual proof of what this human claims.363
I'll die before working with them.347
And what are these apparent sacrifices you've made? Nothing compared to the suffering you've caused me, I'm sure!334
Let's not ignore the obvious, Arianwyn. Our supposed ally, %USERNAME%, helped lead the uprising. His actions may well have endangered us all.312
I don't want an apology! I don't care how you feel about me. All I care about is stopping Lord Iorwerth for good. I lost all that I had, all that I cared about! I will make him pay!245
No! You don't get to talk about that! You have no right!243
Yes. What news do you bring Iestin?223
Let's not ignore the obvious, Arianwyn. Our supposed ally, %USERNAME%, helped lead the uprising. Her actions may well have endangered us all.124
Can I help you?23
Sorry, I do not have time for idle gossip. Good day.19
No. Go away and talk to Arianwyn instead.11
No. Go away.10
Very observant of you human.4
Well you can't. He's out on a mission. If it is something urgent, I can help in his place.4
Once again, you can't. Now if you have nothing to say, I suggest you be on your way. I have a lot to do.4
I thought I asked you to leave me alone.2
Nice to see how forgetful you are. I think she's by the pond to the south west. Now if that's everything, please go away.1